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Okay, makin' a thread. This one's for just random media things you love. Could include bands, books, movies, people associated with media, anything. This is probably too long, but here's an example of reasons I love Les Claypool.

  • His creativity/humor. Obvious one. The lyrics to every one of his songs is an adventure. The way he writes basslines resonates with my soul. Also, you ever seen an interview with him? Funny fucker.
  • His intelligence. It's subtle, because he's super humble, but I really can tell after being a fan of his for so long. He's bilingual, from what I know, and it is undoubtedly super fucking tough to have the musical talent he's got. He's a great writer, too. South of the Pumphouse was EXCELLENT. I have not yet seen Electric Apricot, but I'm planning on it. I can't sit through movies properly.
  • His charm. He's got a soul, man. Real emotion, real kindness. He ain't held down by record companies bein' jerks n' tellin' him what to say. And when he writes lyrics, to reiterate a previous point, it feels like he was in the situation himself from how immersive his lyrics are. And, again again, he's very humble. If he thinks a song isn't good enough, he'll fix it up better, even if it's actually perfect already. Very charming.
I'd say more, really, but it's late and uh, yeah. In other words, hnggn les claypool my fuckgn squiggy 🥰.

Now lets say you like Garfield. Express that here. Maybe you're more passionate than I am, maybe less. It's nice to rant on the spot sometimes even if there's not a specific thread for it, I think. Fuck, now that I'm using my brain, there's probably a thread already like this. I'm sorry.
I love my girlfriend

She's cute
She's sweet
She gives a shit about me
She's a girl

Like its all there
i love deez nuts
using this an excuse as to talk abt my partner
i love my partner cuz:
shes sweet
shes kind
shes vv considerate of my needs
shes helpful
shes funny
shes cute
she wants the best for me
she has some of the same interests as me
she always wants to spend time with me
shes trying to make me a better person
she brings out the best in me
she always wants to stick through the good, the bad, & the ugly
it has been 36 days and this thread has gone nowhere so i will help you out acky

reasons i love being a pirate
  • arggggggggggg
  • treasure
  • booty matey
  • fun piratey speak
  • boats
  • parrots
  • my decorational eyepatch

i love pirating yargggg
what about beard
wow i cant believe i forgot that argggg
Can i play with something that everyone is probably sick of me talking about?
you mean my dong??????

I'm sorry
I really love The Stand by Stephen King cuz, there's a deaf/mute character, its about a plague that wipes out most of the human population, the evil entity also appears in the dark tower series, and i love all the characters even the bad people, they're so well written augh.
i love my chemical romance because they make good music and because gerard is great and frank is great and mikey is great and ray is great (bob is not great) and they are very pretty people and they are funny and there is more but i do not want to bore you
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