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:] History is the love of my life. I read a ton of books that are based in the 1500's and earlier. Ever since I started reading historical fiction I can't really read any other type of book. Does anyone else feel the same way I do about historical fiction?
Yes! I totally know where you're coming from. Except with me it's the 18th Century. I'm obsessed with the French revolution ever since I read 'Sovay' by Celia Rees. I'm also in love with everything pirate because of various historical novels. I don't seem to really remember anything about 1500s that I can recommend to you, though.
Oh my gosh I LOVE history, especially the 17-19th centuries in America. I don't read historical fiction, but I love reading history books.
OHH yes! I read one book about The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B, its about Napoleon Bonaparte's first wifes life. :] It is a very good book and its based in the late 1700's of course.
I enjoy historical fantasy quite a bit. I'm currently reading through David Gemmell's version of Troy. Great stuff.
Have any of you read A Gentleman's Guide To Vice And Virtue or Vango?
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