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Mine is a tie between Doctor Who and Harry Potter.
Uh.. not fair. At all. I'm a Potter fan for life, but Doctor Who is freaking amazing. I'm also kind of a trekkie, but only when it involves Kirk/Spock fin fics <3
I also dabble in Star Wars and comic book characters, especially Marvel ones.
Dude, why don't we talk more?
Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist.
Doctor Who, FMA, Fringe, Star Wars
AM, I see us starting a beautiful friendship.

Kexja I figured you liked Kingdom Hearts by your Avatar.

Io, you're awesome.
Oh yes before I forget: Sanctuary. And Dune, gotta love Dune
I kinda feel the Flo the Progressive Girl should have her own fandom.
I like Lost, (even though it's over now) Harry Potter and Scott Pilgrim is pretty awesome. I'm also a rather big fan of Edgar Write and almost anything made by JJ Abrams, which includes Lost and Fringe.

LOST for life.
I am horror movie buff. I love them so much. They make me quite happy. I even like the crappy campy ones. As my Comp teacher said, you have to see bad movies, to appreciate a good one.

I started to write them all out. After a while, I decided against the Wall o' Text and figured I'd just claim to be a meganerd.

Also, Doctor 9 (Christopher Eccleston) was the best Doctor ever.
I dunno. I'm really likes Smith. He's just so cute and child like. Eccleston was angry.
Jarekk, this is how I see the Doctors {only because I can't choose just one}:
4 had the best scarf
8 had the best style
9 had the most action
10 is the sexiest
11 is the funniest
I need to watch the old episodes of Who. I'm downloading them as we speak, but it's going to take about another month.
Smith's growing on me, but in the first few episodes I couldn't stand the fellow. He was a major dick.

Tennant I kind of unfairly was mad at because his appearance kind of limited Eccleston's run as Doctor. He was pretty cool, but I still liked Eccleston better...

I could not stand #4. He annoyed me to no end. I don't really know why, unless... The first episode I ever saw, when I was around 8 or 9 years old, involved Doc 4 playing chess with the robot dog. He was losing, so he kicked over the board. It was supposed to be funny, but all I could think was, "That cheating bastard! What a sore loser!"
The Doctor is kind of a sore loser.
And I don't think Smith is a dick, just socially clueless.
I mean, didn't you see the Christmas special?
I wish Eccleston had lasted at least a second season.
I have not seen the Christmas special--it's on my DVR, I just haven't watched it yet.

I said I thought he was a dick at first, not so much anymore.

And yeah, Eccleston should have had more than one season... They're going to run out of regenerations too quickly at this rate!
indeed. Don't time lords only have 13 regenerations?
That's the number I remembered.
I was sad when Christopher left, but I'm in love with David. I was mad at Matt for a long time and refused to watch the 5th season for ahwile. But I did it. I disliked him until he made me giggle in the hospital against Prisoner 0.
However I was overjoyed when Rose got trapped in the alternate universe. I hate her.
Oh dear gods, someone else who hates her. Now I feel less alone. I have to ask though, who's your favorite of the new season? I'm really leaning towards Donna, mostly because she was so good for him.
I know! I love Donna so much! Then Martha she really showed him what it was like to be human. Then Amy, she started to overstep her companion lines when she kissed him, but she did redeem herself when she did in fact choose Rory. Then it Mary Jane and K-9. They were amazing. then it's no one. Then it's Rose. I really wish a Dalek would just exterminate her already.
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