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I saw this raised on a thread, there MUST be some lovers of Classical music. And yet there's no thread for it.

All time favourites.
1. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (sorry, it's like, an obligatory must)
2. Beethoven's Eroica, 3rd symphony
3 Mendelssohn's songs without words, Opus 30 no 1 in E flat Major
4. Il Commendatore from Motzart's Don Giovanni
5. Chopin's Etude opus 10. no 1.
I can play Moonlight Sonata on both piano and guitar.
That's about all the classical music I listen to.
Depends on what you mean by "Classical". Old Piano music or New Piano music?
Not just piano music, music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, although I will stretch it as far as men like Sibelius Stravinsky and Debussy.
My all time favorite is Chopin's Revolutionary/Fall of Warsaw. Close after is Hungarian Rhapsody by Brahms, Die Walkure by Wagner, and Mandolin Concerto and Violin Concerto ('L'autunno', The Four Seasons), for violin, strings & continuo in F major ('Il cimento' No. 3), Op.8/3, RV 293: 3rd the last two by Vivaldi. (The violin concerto title I copied and pasted from Media Player)
I forgot to add Clair de lune and the 1812, two more obligatory entries. But yea, you get bored of hearing those names.
Rodeo by Aaron Copland and The Planets (Opus 32.) by Gustav Holst. I also love the Bella Fleck and the Flecktones cover of "Hoedown" (suite 3 from Rodeo).
Oh! This thread made me happy :)

Beethoven's definitely my favorite. There are too many of his pieces that I love to pick a true favorite of them. His 9th Symphony will always have a special place in my heart though.

Other favorites:
  • Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
  • Handel's Water Music, Suite in D major
  • Schubert's Erlkönig (at least when it's done really well)
  • Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, particularly the 4th movement
  • Smetana's The Moldau from My Country - the river theme is beautiful
  • Debussy's Clair de Lune
  • Got to love Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries from Act III of Die Walküre
  • And a lot of Chopin. One of his pieces that I usually can't get myself to stop listening to is Etude 4, Op. 10 in C-sharp minor. So amazing.
^ I totally forgot about Smetana-Die Moldau. How could I?!
The 9th symphony always bothered me, though it's a technically stirring and powerful song, I never found it that moving. I'd say it's likely his worst. But his Pastoral Symphony is amazing, I just remember watching the Fantasia version when I was 3-4.
1. The fandango from Boccherini's Quintet for strings, guitar & castanets No. 4 in D major
2. Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, Aria (Cantilena)
3. Shostakovich - Quartet No. 8 except for that dumb Largo
4. Boccherini - La Musica Notturna Della Strade di Madrid
5. Schoenberg - Erwartung
6. Faure's Requiem and also the Cantique de Jean Racine
7. George Crumb - Black Angels
8. Gyorgy Ligeti - Lux Aeterna
9. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring

I just did some thinking and realized that I usually state "I like classical music" when talking to people about what kind of music I like, but ultimately I really hate a lot of classical music. I imagine to some people all classical music sounds the same, but I'm very particular about "stuff I like" and "stuff i think all sounds the same". I listen to a shit-ton of classical music, but I guess my problem is that most of it falls under "requiem masses", "shit from film soundtracks", "avant-garde", and "stuff my choir sang". I don't go looking for a lot of classical music because I think I'm bored by a lot of the standard stuff even though it's great-- I just find it oversaturated and therefore dislike it. I also listen to most of my music on cassette tape for unfathomable reasons, and I don't like buying classical music on cassette unless it's a composer I really, really need to listen to everyday (i.e. Boccherini, Faure, Dvorak) because I don't really like buying music on cassette that wasn't created in the cassette era. I don't think that makes sense. But I can probably talk about classical music in a more elitist sense than I can talk about any other sort of music. The problem is, the scope of classical music is so broad that conversation requires a) finding someone else who listens to classical music, b) finding someone who listens to the same classical music as me. I can't talk about Chopin, because I don't care or listen to any, except Etude Op. 10 No. 5 because I think it's funny that it can be played with an orange. I've never played the piano and people who care about Chopin seem to be pianists. I can talk about Handel and Vivaldi, but only dully-- meanwhile I'm being crushed internally by that Villa-Lobos aria. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish there wasn't so much goddamn classical music so I could listen to it all and be able to articulate my opinions on it. Because while I can supply my own list, I can't really comment on other people's effectively.
Kudos on Black Angels, K. I like that piece too. I think you might enjoy Doom. A Sigh.. It's as creepy as hell, but interesting.

Some of my favorite pieces at this moment include Mozart's Requiem and Mozart's Divertimento in D, especially presto. Also, Wagner's Das Rheingold. I want to see a performance of it before I die.

Chopin's waltzes never fail to cheer me up. Especially this one.

EDIT: I also listen to Philip Glass occasionally, although I suppose he doesn't fit the specs.
Grayseff said:
I forgot to add Clair de lune and the 1812

My absolute favorites!
I was quite surprised that nobody mentioned JS Bach!!!! My all-time favourite piece of music has to be the Goldberg Variations, especially as played by Glenn Gould in 1981. And his Cello Suites ... divine!!! Also love Pachelbel's Canon.
My favourite period is the Baroque, but RAVEL!!!! His Sonatine, and Jeux d'eau, and Gaspard de la Nuit and his G Major piano concerto! He was a master orchestrator.
I find Bartok quite interesting. My favourite music is his piano music - check out the Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (the fourth is my favourite) and the Romanian Folk Dances.
One of my favorite pieces is Chopin's Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23

In addition, Martin O'Donnell's original soundtrack for Destiny 1 was leaked after being held by Activision under copyright for four years. I highly recommend that you give it a listen if you enjoy classical/orchestra.
I’ve been really into concertos lately, anyone have any suggestions?
My absolute favourite piece is Passacaglia for violin and viola
Found this gem but can't seem to find any sheet music for it anywhere.