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The call went unanswered when the Great Wipe came, so let's lock it, load it, and rate it again.

So heres the deal: I'll post a link to a music video and then the next person follows the link and listens to the song.
Then rates it 1 through 10, 10 being the best.
Then THAT person posts a link, and so on and so forth....
Got it? Great. Scissor would be proud.

To start, and remember; you get nostalgic, you win:

Bombing Mission, Final Fantasy VII

How about a slightly more energetic opening?

Deity- Ministry
Ministry=fuck yeah. 8.3

reminded me of...

Supernaut-1000 homo DJs
@plaidpancake: Your link is broken. ]:

OK, here's my song:

In The Stone
9 I like that
Seasick Steve - Cut My Wings

Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams
decent song, overplayed album (Kerplunk! is hands down the best ;)

Raveonettes- Black/White

*Made sure it worked this time
7 not bad, really enjoyed the video.
I love Apocalyptica, especially that song.

The Baker - The Aquabats
that was... interesting?

Diablo swing orchestra: Balrog boogie
That was really cool I gives it a 9.9878
I'm gonna have to find me some of that shizz

Rasputina- The Olde HeadBoard
I liked that 8

DJ Assault- Yo relatives
2. That was horrible.

Deadmau5 - Strobe
Deadmau5 is pretty cool

On Wave- Double Click

Russian indie band I found on LastFM and fell in love with for whatever reason
if you like it enough you can download their entire discography on their website here
8.5 hmm, never seen Nazis and Disney in the same place before...

A Perfect Circle
I quite liked that

Nightwish: planet hell
10 Nightwish is such a good band.

Here is something very similar and equally epic.

8, wow a lot of good songs are being posted. I'm a big time Nightwish fan, and my neighbor is a Kamelot junkie.

Warp 1977
Hmm... Interesting... 8.5ish

Lamb of God - Reclamation
I love Lamb of God and this is just a great song.

Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
i actually really really don't like A7X but i found this song to be rather listenable...

Boombox (Feat. Julian Casablancas) -The Lonely Island

Julian is so sexy.....

I'm not a big fan of parody/joke songs at the best of times and this one just bored me

Byrds of Prey - Bertie Blackman
Dayum she's sexy
She has a sexy VOICE. but yeah that was still pretty damn cool. 8.843

Heres Julian when he's not singing about old people banging:

The Strokes -Juicebox
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