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8/10 I really like this it gives me the vibe of like some fantasy game and some cool adventure stuff is about to go down.

There Isn't Any God - Rusty Cage
9/10 - Amazing song, I headbang every time. I can't listen in front of my parents because it curses at the end. Otherwise, it would be a 10.

Virtual Riot - Pray for Riddim
7/10. I didn’t know church organs could be that wild. I also really enjoyed the drop near the middle.

Cosmic Sans - Cory Wong
8/10 groovy as shit, probably wouldnt put it on my spotify playlist though

Le Mal Sorcier - Amatsuki
heck yeah, something I have more experience with
8/10, I love amatsuki's voice so much so I'm probably biased. The cello at the beginning wasn't to my taste but it was still pretty nice

m1lli0n pp - camellia
million genre
I can't believe this thread died
Not my style but I can see why someone would like it

Vampires PathoS - Hitoshizuka
4/10 not really a big fan of that one tbh

Angel Vivaldi - An Erisian Autumn
8/10. not usually a fan of guitars but this hits all my buttons. I can see myself listening to this

lilypichu - dreamy night
6.5/10 Pretty nice, despite not being the kind of thing I would normally listen to.

Galneryus - Rain of Tears
7/10 for the middle bit only, I don't really like slow metal too much.

The Diplomat by Pig Destroyer + music video
pretty cool song, 8/10

Allegaeon - Accelerated Evolution
6/10 not a fan of metal but that intro CARRIES

meganeko - Feral (this starts at the drop)
7/10 I like the minimalism in parts of it

imo the best dragonforce song
6 - I liked it, but 11 minutes is a long time for me to be listening to one song

I'll Make You Miss Me All The Time by Dylan Brady
6.5. This melody in the chorus sounds so familiar, I've been wracking my brain trying to place it... but I can't. I want to put that aside for the rating, but it's going to be there. But let's try to keep that out of mind. On it's own, the song doesn't really grab me. It's pleasant, but not something I'd really see myself going back to.

Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers
7.5/10 I would definitely prefer an instrumental version of this

Camellia feat. Toby Fox - Myths You Forgot
8/10 those are some good chords

Between the Buried and Me - Astral Body
great guitar and drums, if this had some piano this would be edm. the visuals are great and represent the music very well.

Deco*27 - Magic
Poppy rock with a very upbeat sound, nice. I don't speak Japanese though so I have to pull in the (translated) lyrics and video content to fill the gap and then the story starts going some messed-up places.

4.5/10: wouldn't listen again but almost makes the cut.

Gloryhammer - The Siege of Dunkeld
If you want to go in with a bit of context,
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
every one of their songs builds band canon; there is a bigger story going on and this track is jumping in to the middle. The Hootsman is the "astral demigod of Unst" (and bass player). All the places are named after towns in Scotland. Brought to you by the makers of Alestorm.
6/10: It's kinda fun, but feels a bit generic. If I had to guess, it's probably because I don't really place as much weight on the lyrics.

Between the Buried and Me - Ants of the Sky
(The beginning and end are a little abrupt because each song on the album connects continuously to the next)
7/10, there's a lot to like here but I kind of can't understand death growl vocals. The ending reminded me of Welcome to the Machine.

Mozart's Clarinet concerto in Amaj, 3rd movement
0/10 i got an ad immediately

8/10, you can never go wrong with the basics.
xi - pandemonium
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
this was originally meant to be atonal but that was too difficult so its polytonal
9/10 not a genre i normally listen to but I really liked it.

Neon Angel by Virtual Riot
I like the energy and the variance of instrumentation (if you can call it that?). Always a sucker for ominous choral stuff. There is such focus on the downbeat though it feels oppressive somehow? Like that feeling when you'd read a middle schooler's poetry and they decided to make every single line rhyme the same and the satisfaction of the rhyme wears thin really fast. Kept me from really getting into it.

Last Cruces Jail - Two Gallants.
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