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I like it. It has a lot of energy. I thought the vocal processing was cool
a little long for my liking

Marine Iguana by 12 Planet
I overall liked the energy for this one,
Thoughh, I'll nitpick and say that the transitions between the beatdrops didn't really flow well with eachother, maybe the pacing was just a bit too quick?

Save Me - Gotye
9/10 I like the atmosphere it gives

I wanna be a KEMONO!
link broken
Not the type of music I'd actually sit down and listen to normally, but it's very energetic, so I can totally picture putting it on as background music during a late night.

Hiroden 651
Neat, 6/10
started off a bit too slow for my liking but it warmed up as I listened to it and I really enjoyed this. A solid 7/10

Sweet Tooth - Scott Helman
I have a soft spot for pop/indie rock tunes, it makes me miss 2017-2018 quite a bit.

One of my favorite remixes done by Breakbot!
Parcels - Lightenup (Breakbot remix)

post-script: Daft Punk was actually the producers for one of Parcels' songs! Overnight.
6.75/10. Generally smooth and fun. Simple lyrics and groove that are likeable but also pretty unobtrusive. It's something I might dance to if it came on in like a dancy bar, but not something I'd really search for. It's got this electronic disco that reminds me both of early Phoenix and Jimmy P from Wario Ware for some reason. It also has a bit of Random Access Memory sort of flair to it as well. I can see why it has a lot of views and people seem to like it, but it didn't have a super strong impact on me.

Not sure if I shared this when I first listened to it, but I'm reinvested. Laughing (Or Pretending to Laugh) by The Smith Street Band
This generally isnt really the type of music I really care for but I dont think its bad exactly. 5/10

Hand Me My Shovel, I'm Going In! - will wood and the tapeworms
7/10. Enjoyed the intro, then was a little skeptical of the unrelenting emo oom-pah vibes, then was nicely surprised by the tempo changes (and saxophone!) as it got closer to the end. Definitely started and ended well, but the beginning to middle section wasn't as interesting for me (although that's not necessarily a bad thing).

Tigran Hamasyan - Leaving Paris. I've definitely shared some Tigran on here before, but this is one of his earlier and more overtly jazzy tracks.

Edit: of all the threads to have ninja'd someone on… I feel like it's quite impressive to have managed it on this one.
Good to see you around.

It's like if the mountain goats and streetlight manifesto had a baby and it didn't take itself so seriously.

I've been diversifying my Pixies knowledge lately from literally one song, and it hasn't been too bad.

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Edit: of all the threads to have ninja'd someone on… I feel like it's quite impressive to have managed it on this one.

I'd have to agree, interesting to be listening to a song at the exact same time as somebody else completely accidentally.
Here I'll review yours aswell to keep the continuity.
I don't usually listen to piano pieces, but I enjoyed it. It had this odd mix of seeming sort of calming, while also having this sad/stressful vibe to it. The voice at the end reminded me of Ben Fold's Five yelling "Cut that shit!"
Hmmm. 7/10. It's a jam, but the vocals are just too samey. Not much melody to them.

Was going to go with the first song when I shuffled my Spotify likes. Forgot I had some game soundtrack on there, but anyway, here's Deep Stone Lullaby.
7/10. Nice vibes, but not terribly memorable on its own.


Allegaeon - Into Embers
First track released from their upcoming album which I'm really looking forward to
5.5/10. I like the guitar riffs and the less scream-y parts, but on the whole it's not really doing it for me.

7.5. I liked it. I added it to my other languages playlist. It has that sort of trap, sort of R&B hi-fi pop sound that's pretty popular in the US, but it's still a good sound. Like even if it's not particularly different, it's doing what it's trying to do well. Reminds me of Joji or even like Rhianna's newest. Don't have more comparisons because I'm not very well versed in that sort of sound.

Change by Big Thief
9/10. Loved it. The simple, folk-y instrumental isn't always my style, but it definitely works here - the lyrics are beautiful, and the whole thing comes together very well. Probably not something I would have sought out or discovered on my own, but something I'm very glad I found here.

Joy Crookes - Skin
6.5/10 It's definitely not a bad song, though not really what I'd personally listen to. I liked the vocalist, and could see the song working well in times when the mood calls for it.
I personally found the instrumentals a fair bit repetitive and not very memorable, though I don't think that is supposed to be the main focus of the song.
7.5/10, pretty good, but not the kind of thing I would normally listen to. I think I would like it a lot more with different instrumentation.

BTBAM - Bad Habits
8/10I thought the guitars were catchy, but I personally don't like the screaming

Crankdat - Pack a Punch
8/10 I think I would've liked this more a few years ago when I was more into that genre but it's still pretty good.

Legitimoose - its ****** dember
its no longer dember

short and fun song seasoned with a nice tablespoon of stress and dread. the beeps and bloops are nice.

It's February again. You know what that means.
Play Paul - Spaced Out II
7.5/10. Cool song. Form felt a little weird though - some really jarring transitions between sections, some of which would only last like 8 bars before rubberbanding right back to what was going on before, and there didn't seem to be any kinda song-long arc to it. Suppose that fits with the title though.

The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home'
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