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7/10 Especially liked the buildup of the piano at some parts, and the introduction of strings.
The song swapped back and fourth a couple times between being more quiet and becoming more loud, which I much prefer over songs that don't vary as much.
Nothing against the singing, but completely my thing.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter
Not quite what I usually listen to, but that was very, very cool

I'm half just picking this one because of the music video
8/10 Not a huge fan of that style of vocals (I don't hate it, but not my preference), but I liked everything else quite a bit. And yeah, the video is pretty cool. Also really like the organ they used, and found the intro to the song pretty cool.

This is a song that keeps popping up in my recommended. I'm not sure how to feel about it, and I'm very curious to hear other's opinions on it.
8.5/10. I like it, but I like weird stuff. I added it to my new playlist, so that's like at least worth an 8. Some of the lyrics fall a bit flat for me, but otherwise it reminds me of a lot of things I like. Reminds me of Gorillaz, and Cake a bit too. It also reminds me of Pistol by Modest Mouse in just like this weird spoken word monologue that doesn't quite make sense. Sure it walks the line of white rap, but to me this is different enough to not really irk that white rap complaint. It's sort of its own thing and I like that about it.

Cop by Super Flasher
7.7/10 Intense! Fitting for a chase scene, whether on foot or by car.
Definitely not the type of music that I typically listen to, particularly with the vocals, but it feels fitting to the piece after sitting with the song for a while.
I dig the rock n' roll instrumentation! The cymbals felt a liiittle bit grating to my ears.

Topaz by the B-52's
9/10 really really liked it!
Loved the brief instrumental opening, as well as the instrumentals in general. I also really really loved the vocals. Something about the song sparks a huge amount of nostalgia in me, though I can't place my finger on why. Overall, really loved it.

Lyrics of this song really resonate with me a lot.
10/10 - Mashup music. It's so ominous. How did they come up with this. This is so unholy it's amazing. /hj

Summoning Circle - jazzwave
6/10 - cool mashup, just not my taste

God Complex by The True Blue
7/10. Liked it fine but got a little tired of the really aggressive piano hits in the exact same rhythm over and over again. Have a few friends I think would be really into this but it doesn't really stand out for me.

Tamino - Indigo Night

the intro sounds a bit drony to me and i dont personally love it when vocalists hold super long notes, but other than that the singers voice is lovely and its an overall enjoyable listening experience

Ngọt - CHUYỂN KÊNH (sản phẩm này không phải là thuốc)
"CHANGE THE CHANNEL (this product is not a drug)"
6.5/10. I like it but I can't quite get a hold of the tone it's going for (maybe because I don't speak the language). Parts feel like it's supposed to be really melancholy but other parts sound really saccharine in a way I can't really figure out. It's also a little slow without a big payoff for it, to me.

Thank You Scientist - Creature Comfort
9.8/10 For the amount of IDM I listen to, songs like this are always a nice break from those kinds of songs. Any song with horns as an instrument becomes an instant favorite, and good god that solo near 3:40 is what I live for in music. The melody is extremely catchy and the vocals sound mesmerizing. I love this song. I think it is a very good track, and the album art reminds me of pizza. I'm sorry if I... get some things incorrect about what's a solo or what's a horn instrument and what's not. I'm not good at recognizing music. But I am good at recognizing good taste in music. You, person, have good taste.

Passion Pit - The Reeling
7/10 like some of the electronic sounds, but that voice is not for me. mixing could be better as well

Yooh - Destroy (sky_delta remix)
6.5/10. I'm not usually much into instrumental techno stuff, but this has its merits. It has a lot of energy and does a lot of cool stuff with rhythm. I like the tone of that whole dubsteppy sort of drop with the electronic hit/snare sound. It seems like it would be a good song to work out to, or as like the music for a gameplay highlight reel of some sort.
Still not something I'll personally go back to.

A Funeral Disguised as a Birthday by We Are the Willows
9.8/10 I've always adored these kinds of songs, the ones that sound so tranquil yet feel more somber when you listen to them. The vocalist has a really unique voice that goes really well with the song and adds charm to it. Some parts of the song sounded a bit "off" but for the most part the entire song feels like something I've heard before. It's really calming and it all comes together to make a really soothing song that I think I'll start listening to regularly now. I love it, thank you for showing me this.

C418 - Intro
9.9/10. Everything you could want from a casual game intro, plus the nostalgia is seriously real.
Only issue I have with it is the fade in is too long.

Nightcord at 25:00 - Lower One's Eyes
7/10. Not my kind of thing at all but sounds dope and is really well produced. It's weirdly slow and energetic at the same time and even though I don't understand a word of Japanese the flow is great.

Los Ageless- St. Vincent
absolute bop, love how it was used in bojack horseman & incorperates its themes
i think you've misunderstood the game friend
caveat said:
i think you've misunderstood the game friend

whoops </3
5/10, the music box and the hard kicks really do not mesh well in my opinion, and i just dont really like this genre of music in general lol

tbh it sounds like dariacore but made by someone who doesnt know what dariacore is

Blacklolita - Cyberconnect

pretty cool, and I always admire how much sound design goes into songs like these. I can see why it would be good for a rhythm game lol.

myGRAIN - Planetary Breathing
I really like that, a 9.2/10 for sure. Also about the kg&lw thing, those guys are crazy like cmon 3 albums in such a short time? good job.

you fellas into Jack Stauber?
il recommend this
Jack Stauber - Dead Weight
8/10 love the visuals & how surreal they feel but also relate to the meaning & lyrics of the song. thiss song also hits hard lol

6.5/10, I really like the instrumentation. Great intro too. Personally find the vocals a bit odd though. Can't quite put my finger on it, they're almost creepy in way, but creepy is the wrong word. Also overall not really my genre.

The Longest Johns - Bonny Ship the Diamond
One of my favorites, curious what someone on here might think
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