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8/10 I like the harmony and the video, even though it's a far cry from what I usually listen to.
Also for some reason I can really imagine someone just shredding in a solo over the entire song lol

Bloodshot Dawn - The Image Faded
7/10 reminds me of undead corporations's style lol. i don't really like metal for reasons related to rhythm games but its pretty decent

Chroma - The first snowfall on my secret base
It's funny, I really like metal for reasons related to rhythm games lol
undefined/10 undefined

JUSTICE - Genesis
Catchy and groovy, but very repetitive

Lucas Estrada - Drowning In You
i really like the lyrics to that song, its really well written
Bulletproof Heart- mcr :)
Ain't bad at all! Nice chord progressions in the beginning and the chorus. I do like the guitar. I like the bass a lot, even if it's a bit muted down. Some synth in there too is nice. I don't always listen to this type of stuff, but it's good, real good. Can't tell, is that one or two guitars? Some criticism, lyrics aren't as good as the instrumentals, but Gerard Way does sing them pretty well. Personal opinion, I might like it a bit more if the bass was doing a bit more. Nice song, bud.


The Residents - Blue Rosebuds
Okay, these notes are weird as shit... they don't sound very good. What?? Why's this guy sound creepy? This is creepy. This is an evil song. But it's starting to sound good. And now it's silent again. Oh, it's creepy again. Does this get better near the end? I mean, it does sound kind of atmospheric. And the dude's voice is cool. Do you like this because of the bass? Oh. Hold on. Oh, okay, there's... drums coming in. And more instruments. Silence again. Okay. This sounds okay. Oh Jesus. Why's he sound like that?? What are they even talking about? Is this an evil witch speaking to me? Is she speaking evil inca DID SHE JUST SAY LIGMA?? Puzzles? Something?? Filthy to my fist, ha ha that's funny. Okay, back to the normal dude speaking now. And the weird drowned-out notes again. Jesus, this is offputting. 2:27 minutes through. What's he talking about? What's shape isn't a hazy hue? Where even is this song going?? That vibrato's funny. Blue rosebuuuuuuds...... Blue rosebuuuuuds. Blue rosebuds. Oh. It's over. That was weird as shit. 4/10.

Aphex Twin - 54 Cymru Beats. Notably, the ending part. Takes a very specific kind of person to like this song.
It indeed takes a very specific kind of person to like this song. The way it uses such odd, distorted, and honestly creepy noises to make something that somehow is halfway cohesive is impressive. Unfortunately it leans a bit too much into the creepy for me to like it. Reminds me of that mr. incredible troll face meme. I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack listening to the last part of the song. I want to emphasize that it is very impressive for a song to be able to do that. Conjuring emotion and feeling is good, it's what music is for. The problem is I don't like anxiety attacks, nor do they make me think about life in a new way nor highlight anything for me to ponder. I like some songs that give me negative feelings like Seasons in the Sun for example, but it's because they at least give me something to think about or provide a new perspective on something. This just makes me feel...bad. And then the song ends. And that's it.

In a technical sense it's incredible. The beats are very creative, as is the use of those beats and seemingly random noises to create melody. But this is not for me, at all. Objectively it's maybe 5 or 6 /10 purely as creative music, but personally this is a 1/10 for me.

Alignment - Alistair Lindsay (from the Rimworld soundtrack) The ending in particular quite good.
that was a solid 6.
also i'm the scissor that the reposter of this thread mentions and i can not believe that i remember my login info and that this thread is still going. pretty cool.

triump of our tired eyes by a silver mt zion
Yo, dude, sick that you're from ye olden days, but canya pretty please add a song for us to review?
are you proud
i posted the song. and yes i am proud. i was close to ending my entire life yesterday so yea. i consider that a win.
definitely a win
I hate it when threads go quiet.

Starts out a little funny. The dude's voice is cool. Heavy guitar distortion. There's also a bit of violin, I think. Very cool. Is this a romance song? I dunno, I can't really hear the lyrics. I like how it keeps the same structure without getting repetitive. Not much to criticize without it just being me preferring other kinds of music. I think the distortion is a bit much, but that's probably part of it. How's 7.9/10?

Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station - Frank Zappa
[8.8/10] This was fun to listen to, but it is probably not something I would listen to a lot.

Viperactive - Save Her
This synth is really nice, gives me deja vu almost. And the melody is really nice-sounding as well. I think the only thing I dislike about this song is the fact that it sounds like any other generic EDM song I've listened to and I've grown quite tired of them. It still is really nice, though, and the video is so fucking balling it's destroying the bitrate. 9.2/10.

Aphex Twin - minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
9/10 such a vibe

PhaseOne - Drop Bears
This one's pretty epic. I like the aggressive vocals, the accompanying animation, and the very electronic feel of it all. I'd definitely say that this isn't what I usually listen to, but it's excellent. What genre is this? I don't know, I don't care, love it. Lemme give an 8.9999/10.

No Surprises - Radiohead. Preferably reviewed by someone who doesn't like Radiohead.
What genre is this?


[9.3/10] Such a vibe. I really love the panning going on in the intro.

REAPER - The Uprising
7/10 not into the sound but i can tell someone put a lot of work into it so...

bible belt baby by the gizmos
6.8/10 The whole song feels the same to me. It feels very quiet, the mastering isn't great.

Dropgun - Annihilation

also welcome back
6.75/10. I don't love instrumental or techno music, but this was okay. I love love love the saxophone. I think it really carries the song and keeps it interesting. It brings a level of warmth and personality that can attract someone like me who's not so much into techno music. I did like the drops too. I was going to give it a lower rating, but this is so Skrillex dubstep it's actually weirdly nostalgic with the one-line vocal samples fitting in well. I was originally going to say the sax was the only saving grace and the beats were kind of basic, but the drop was better than expected. I do wish the verse beats were more interesting though, and I think there could've been a more original choice of instruments/sounds.

Beauty by Love Supreme
8.7/10, I loved the contrast between the vocals and the piano—especially right at the beginning, when you hear the first vocal and it takes you a moment to recognize that that's what it is.

Panopticon - Four Walls of Bone
Traditional, guitar-oriented songs like this are some of my favourites and they're a nice reprieve from all the erratic braindance I listen to on a daily basis. It's funny you send this as I'm going through a surge of interest in indie folk music; which I'm not saying that this is, but seeing as those are sort of like the opposite of this other spectrum of song I listen to it's actually kind of a wonderful thing that you've given me a new song to add to my library. This gives off a really lonely and desolate vibe paired with the album cover. I figure a lot of people (esp. dementedkermit) might see this as dull and boring but for how simple it is compared to a lot of other things I still find it immensely relaxing and intriguing. 9.5/10! Will listen to this again in the future.

Bon Iver - 33 "GOD"
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