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Post your love of everything musicals.

Phantom of the Opera is my all time favorite musical. Next is Thoroughly Modern Millie. Then Les Miserables. I also loved Memphis, Young Frankenstein, and Night of the Iguanas.
I just played a gig tonight subbing in the orchestra for a [high school] production of The Wiz. I play trumpet, mainly, and that's what I did tonight. My chops still hurt.
I am a big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber. That's all I'll say for now. I'll return to this thread when I am more awake. I know there was something I was going to say here, but I can absolutely not remember what it was. Until then.
My favorite musical of all time is Les Miserables. I LOVE Andrew Lloyd Webber... Guy's a genius. But, have you ever seen Rent? If not. You should see it. It's awesome.
Rent is kinda eh. I definitely didn't like the music.
My favorite musical in movie form is Newsies. (Seize the day, mighty dancing mofo's) But my favorite broadway musical is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. ^_^
Guys, you're leaving out one of the best: Into the Woods!
My old high school has two different musical educations and each one of them puts up a musical every year. The musical education I belonged to writes their own musical every year, a jukebox musical and I have just gotten home after seeing this year's musical.
The seniors always take two of the younger students under their wing, one in a social manner so that they can always have someone to talk to if they feel the need to do so, and in order to make the group tighter, so that it won't be split into seniors, middle class and juniors. And then under your right wing, you take in a person in a musical manner, so that if they have any trouble with their part in the musical they can come to that person for help.

My social youngling sang Sway tonight and he did it so awesomely well, I got goosebumps all over. I'm so proud of him. I didn't even know he could sing songs in that style. And for those interested here is one of the scenes from the musical.

Edit: Actually the version of Sway they used was this one.
Okay, here's the thread I was looking for. How do you feel about making sure a character's physical features are accurate in musicals?

I'm watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and there was a preview of Sound of Music on it with all the other musical previews. They did "16 going on 17" and Ralph had black hair and a big nose! Am I totally off base here to think that shouldn't be the case? In almost any other musical (except maybe ones like Hairspray) I don't think it matters what skin ot hair color someone has, but he works for the Nazis and supports Hitler, shouldn't he at least have blonde hair? I seriously don't get how it could be /that/ hard to find a talented blonde guy to play Ralph, or dye this guys hair. It's a huge part of his character, isn't it?

I don't usually care about this stuff, for some reason this just tipped me off. Is that bad?
I'm just going to say that a) Hitler had dark hair, and b) if we really give a shit about accuracy, the whole musical should be in German. It be different if musicals weren't entirely based on a suspension of disbelief anyway, you know? People don't burst out into song and dance randomly in reality, Austrians don't speak and sing in English... whether or not Ralph looks like a proper Nazi is the least of the issues.
Very true. Honestly I just don't like that they're redoing the whole thing altogether.

I would love to see it in German though, that'd be awesome.
I personally love godspell, hairspray, and phantom of the opera
Godspell is really weird. It's just, like "The Bible: The Musical!" Granted, I saw it at my friend's high school, so I suppose it was mostly weird because there was a religious play in a public school at all.
I see no mention of Little Shop of Horrors, you peons.
Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing this strange and interesting thread!

But seriously, Little Shop of Horrors is fantastic from the get-go. Props to whatever puppeteer designed the movie's Audrey II, that thing looked real. I'm not sure how I feel about how they changed the ending in that version though.

Anyone here like the Book of Mormon?
I generally don't like theater. I regretfully feel that I just don't appreciate it as much as I should. However, Little Shop of Horrors is pretty great, as is Book of Mormon.
Yes, definitely Book of Mormon. That's a hoot. Any fans of Wicked?

I went to see "Frozen" this past week and goodness, I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Those musical numbers were riveting. I don't care what the critics say. They can suck my big toe.
Yup, I'm a Wicked fan. My favorite musical number is probably either March of the Witch Hunters or No One Mourns the Wicked, and you?

Also, totally agreed! The musicals numbers in Frozen were far above expectation for me. For example, I was on the Olaf hate train until I actually saw him in the movie, and then I started to thoroughly enjoy his presence after his musical number. He's not an average annoying side character whose only purpose is to be random and get into trouble; he actually sorta represents... something, maybe childhood innocence or Elsa's love for Anna? It certainly helps that he's voiced by Josh Gad of Book of Mormon fame, as well.

Would it have killed them to make both Elsa and Anna's designs even slightly different from Rapunzel's, though? I loved the movie but if not for their hair they'd all look like identical triplets...
oops double post
Fiddler on the Roof. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF
Fiddler on the Roof is the only musical I could say with absolute certainty that I love.

Just went and saw Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend and it was amaaaazing. The actors and the band did an awesome job, and the artistic direction did a great job. I've not seen the movie or any other production of it, but I really loved the way that they did up Jesus all in bible-time clothes, and all in white, while Judas was done in modern stuff, like a leather jacket, jeans, so on, and all in black. The rest of the cast was all in a mix of modern and old styles, and even the way the music contrasted between the two, with Judas' parts accompanied more often with the electric guitar and Jesus' with the orchestra. Hnng, I love it.

They did something similar with my favorite musical, Next to Normal (which I got to see late last year) where, without spoiling anything, the parts having to do with mania and insanity and anxiety all being accompanied by rock music and dark purple and red lights, and most often taking place on the second story of the stage, where the more "grounded" parts (for certain values of the word. :P The idea gets a little blurred) take place on the ground floor, and accompanied by the piano.

I'm thinking of going to see Spamalot at the theatre I used to help out at, but I might not get to catch it before they close. OTherwise, the next one I'll be going to see is a production of Twelve Angry Jurors, then later this year around Halloween, Evil Dead: The Musical.
When I went to go see Jesus Christ Superstar, not only was Judas played by a woman, but she had broken her foot one week before opening day. She ended up walking around on these hand crutches, but the whole effect was so incredible. Tortured and crippled and female and intense, man what a performance.
Must've made the power in the songs and the emotion all the more powerful, being contrasted! And I can imagine a female Judas going well. It makes Strange Thing Mystifying have a bit of a different tone to it, but I can see it working.
It really did. There was also this strange romance allusion to it, which I still am not sure if I liked or not.

That is one musicial that I wouldn't mind seeing with another cast though. I feel that it can be done in so many different ways and still work.
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