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Hey!! I love reading and I'm a series away from not having material. What are some of your favorite or recent reads? Please tell a bit about the book if you don't mind and if you liked it or not.
What have you read and what are you into?
I just finished the divergent series and was a little dissatisfied. I'm going to read the Temeraire series next. I like fantasy. Just about anything in that category is great! You?
I read mostly fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, but a lot of older--classic--stories as well. For fantasy, if you haven't read His Dark Materials, I suggest that series, it makes you think about the world from a different point of view (two other series I would suggest are Fabelhaven and The Seventh Tower, they are meant for a younger audience, but I still found them both brilliant). I really like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and Bag of Bones are great horror novels. The Road is a great read and helps you gain an extensive vocabulary, if you like post-apocalyptic books. If you like classics, I suggest Poe, Doyle, Keats, and The Catcher in the Rye. Those are most of my favorite (the ones not so common to most people, anyway).
I shall always suggest the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the trilogy of five books.
Have you met qwertymain? You and he should talk about books, Inigo.
Hello! I don't have much to contribute, really. I've got three things to recommend; Inigo, I have to strongly agree with you. The Hitchhiker trilogy is one of the (if not the) best series I have ever read. Other than that, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques has 23 books, so that'll keep you occupied for a while, and Stephen King has a whole lotta great books.
Woah, woah. Qwerty, man, you just threw me waaaay back into my childhood. I read all of the Redwall books. Those were my favorite, until I met Bobby Pendragon, that is. The Pendragon books are my favorite. Ten in all. The Four, Five, Seven, Eight, and Nine, specifically are my favorites. Yes, I did choose half, each for its own reasoning. Etc.
Game of Thrones is interesting if you don't mind mature content and lots of death.
Also the Lord of the Rings series and Chronicles of Narnia are great.
JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis besties 5ever.
If you're up for a pretty easy read, and you like Mythology, you should read the Percy Jackson series and it's sequel series Heros of Olympus. Despite it's shitty movie remakes, the books are actually pretty entertaining.

Another easy read but entertaining fantasy series is the Artimis Fowl Series. Pixies, faeries, trolls, goblins, but all in a modern world.

Edit: Ninja'd but yes Narnia. Everything Narnia.
Oh Dom, You've just won my heart.
With which one?
XD Which one? All three.
Narnia is bae. I love them so much, I can never get over how perfect they are. He shatters the fourth wall and it's so perfect because just ahhhh. Words.
Oh lol cool I love those kinds of books. The Narnia series has to be my number one favorite series.

Also if you want to read some great classics (and you've got the patience) I'd recommend Great Expectations, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Great Gatsby. Some of them are suuuuuper long (Monte Cristo, Phantom, Les Mis...) But they're all amazing reads. even if I haven't read all of them all the way through...

Edit: Wait... when does he shatter the fourth wall??

Edit 2: One more; Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit is a really interesting book. Although many here do not share my interest in the book, and, albeit somewhat rhetorical, it makes some sound points about society.
If it's fantasy you're wanting, try Kristen Britain's Green Rider books. I'm reading the newest one that came out last month and it's insane but in the best way.
I also really enjoyed Kalayna Price's Grave Witch series. It's urban fantasy and not exactly heavy literature but it's fun.
Oh lol cool I love those kinds of books. The Narnia series has to be my number one favorite series.
Edit: Wait... when does he shatter the fourth wall??.

He constantly addresses you directly. It's great. I can't remember specific quotes but he always says things like "And now, dear reader, we will journey along do discover Susan's thoughts on all this" and stuff like that. I love it. He even talks abiut leaving you in suspense right there in the book :D

Also, great choices. I've read a lot of the classics you suggested and I would reccommend them all; they're all on my list of reading/ things I've read :)
I'm currently reading Never Fade, the second book in The Darkest Minds, which is an excellent thriller young adult series. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

I've also read The Last Apprentice - which is a pretty good dark fantasy series, The Edge Chronicles - also a good fantasy series, Skulduggery Pleasant - a great fantasy detective series, and A Series of Unfortunate Events - which I can't believe nobody has mentioned yet.
Shault said:
and A Series of Unfortunate Events - which I can't believe nobody has mentioned yet.

That's cuz it's, like, a given! :)
I never really got into that series.
That was the first series I ever read. I became obsessed with them when I was six.
If you want a heavy read, check out Haruki Murakami.
Norwegian Wood is his least heavy book, 1Q84 is his most heavy book.
Kafka on the Shore is my favourite book ever.
I will probably never stop recommending James Joyce's Dubliners. It's straightforward enough to just be enjoyed as a collection of stories, but it also is teaming with the fascinating symbolism and literary playfulness that made Ulysses famous. The former is simply not such a difficult slog as the latter.
I see a lot of book mentioned I have read but I can barely remember what happens in most of them :(

The bartimaeus trilogy/ and then a series was good, I don't think I saw them mentioned.
So many great suggestions! Now I shall make one. I personally love the Fae Series written by Karen Marie Moning. Pretty amazing in my opinion.