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TL;DR Recommend me crazy-ass, gross, intense, wtf did I read, books. Grossness not exactly imperative. Also feel free to use this a book recommendations thread.

Intense is the only way I can describe what kind of books I like. For the past year or so I've been ignoring everything fiction because I like facts. The last fiction book I enjoyed was a semi autobiography called journey to the end of the night (Frenchman's perspective of enlisting and fighting in WW1. Yeah.). I read it french and it was very poetic. I liked this disgustingly creepy French epic called the songs of maldoror; there's one section where the protagonist says he's transformed into a man made out of wood and "A crab has taken residence in my anus!" The whole time the character is glorifying evil in as many graphic ways as you can imagine. There's this one persian I really like named Hedayat; wrote a weird book about a persian man who wakes up to a corpse in his house, goes through what seems like a delirium before having a revelation about his life then the ending scene is him having sex with his wife, his wife biting his lip really hard and trying to cut him, and he kills her then it's the same scene from the beginning. He's done some weird short stories too, again intense, I mean the title of one is "Three Drops of Blood." I'm probably not doing any of these books justice but I hope you get what I mean. I also read The 120 Days of Sodom and it was good for what it was but I'm... not proud of that.

Another one called the terrible children, another french book. Two kids living with a mother with consumption. The mother dies. The kids are weird as shit and always have this thing going on called "The Game" which they only play in their room, which becomes "The Room" that they stay confined to. Basically incest. Mom dies, sister becomes a model, meets a prostitute, prostitute looks like a boy the brother wanted to screw in middle school, stuff, brother meets up with boy he wanted to screw, they liked collecting poisons so he gets some poison as a gift, brother eats it, prostitute finds him and cuts her throat, sister walks in and shoots herself. End of book.
Read the Hot Zone, by Richard Preston. It's about Ebola.
There's a lot of scientific stuff in it, but the bulk of it is early stories about the disease told in very explicit details. I read this during my senior year of high school, right around the time the 2014 outbreak started, and it was pretty good albeit a tad unsettling.
I'd go for Night Kills by John Lutz. It's basically a crime novel where sexually violated torsos(yup, just the torso, everything else was cut off) begin showing up around NY City. The book is told from multiple perspectives, and it does end up spoiling itself half by using the perspective of the killer, but it's a really good read nonetheless. Just try to keep the story straight in your head.
John Dies at the End.
^ That.
I've only seen the movie, but if it's any indication, yes.
That one's supposed to be funny, right? Seems like it could be cool. Even books with absolutely no comic relief are good too though.
The book is better than the movie. There's also more of it. It is comedic, and you will enjoy it.
Hah, sweet, thanks man. You always know good books. Did I tell you I read The Shipping News? You were right about what you said a long time ago, that book fucking sucks.
Thanks. Also, ha! Yeah! It's a piece of shit.
So would anyone like to explain to me what the state of modern fiction is like? Modern realistic fiction, not scifi or fantasy stuff. I've never read a book published before 1995. So what kind of books are realistic fiction writers coming up with these days? What's popular? What sort of themes and stuff like that are people enjoying to write about and read?

I'll name three books I know of, not read, that have been published since the year 2000 and it'll be obvious I haven't looked for that many. Let's see... A Million Little Pieces, 50 shades and... no, that's all I've heard about. And I guess John Dies at the End too.

I'm curious because I've heard many a rantings about how modern fiction just sucks, mayn, but of course in more flowery wording than "it just sucks, mayn."
Meh, it's like movies or TV or music or anything. The stuff that's really popular is often shitty, but there's plenty of interesting stuff if you look for it. The popular stuff is a lot of legal thrillers and detective stories from what I've seen. idk, I stick more to science fiction and fantasy.
Can anyone direct me to some good high fantasy books?
The book of swords (1-3) and The book of lost swords (1-9, I think) by Fred Saberhagen.

Although they are numbered, they can each be read alone.
monster hunter international
crime and punishment by Dostoevsky
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo, Kane Chronicles, etc.
Read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It is really well wrote and interesting
the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.
Ombra said:
Can anyone direct me to some good high fantasy books?

The Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson.
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