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Does anyone like Steven U here, or is it just me?
This should be in Movies/Music/Tv/etc. My daughter thinks it's ok. She watches it sporadically.
You have a child?
You didn't know that?
Yup. She's my frog. She'll be 8 this March. Kills my soul.
Nope. Guys I've been away for a while and last time I was on here, you and I weren't on the best of terms, JRob.
Thread moved.

I like Steven Universe. Me and my sister have watched it together. Good family times.
I've seen every episode, I like it. One of the few cartoons I actively follow
I wasn't that into it at first, but then tumblr happened, and now I'm obsessed.
My friend recommended I watch it. I was like, I don't know much about it, but I'll check it out if you can sell me on it, and she did. Imma try watching it soon.
Sorry to necropost, but did anyone catch the s6 finale?
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