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So, I noticed there were at least a few RWBY fans on here, and I was kinda curious to see how many. I'm always surprised when I discover other fans, just because for the longest time I didn't know anyone else who watched. So... Yeah, let's discuss RWBY!
... Do we dare bring up the chibi thing?
I'm a RWBY fan!

Are you for or against RWBY chibi?
The chibi series isn't that bad. I laughed a couple times.
I thought it was cute. Weird, but cute.
I mean... the actual show is better, but the chibis are pretty cute, and I did giggle a bit.
I only saw the first one. Not the second yet. I was giggling at the cuteness.
I haven't made the time to watch anything, but the models just look kinda "ech" to me. Or at least what I've seen so far:

She looks less "excited" and more in pain.
Yeah... They aren't perfect. Also, for a while I saw people equating Jaune's chibi model to a horror movie villian, so....

But I kinda like it, nevertheless.
I don't think I've seen Juane's model yet!
Well I mean, I know RWBY it self isn't perfect, but there's a weird sense of empathy where I feel the awkwardness I see on her face, and it makes me wary about watching it.
Ah. Well, I found it cute, but I know that it likely isn't going to appeal to everyone.
I like cute things! This is honestly a bit odd to me, as I rarely get "uppity" about how something looks without even watching/playing it. I think it has less to do with what the show actually is and more my initial impressions being odd ones of warning.
Yeah. I honestly had mixed emotions about it before, just because of how people reacted to the models. But since they aren't very long, and I was honestly ready for a little new RWBY content, I gave it a go. The models are a bit less "eh" when you watch them, I feel, but then I have never been an expert in judging animation aesthetic, so who knows.
Beyond RWBY chibi, are there other topics people would like to discuss that are RWBY related? I don't want anyone to feel obliged to just talk about that.
You have...... silver eyes.....
I just bought a fancy Ruby statue.
*Leans away from Ozpin* "Umm...."

Also, what kinda fancy Ruby statue? I'm nosy.
This thingy.
If only the Yang one was accurate... *cries*
What's inaccurate about it?
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
It has both arms.
Hey hey, spoilers can be read on the front page!
Don't worry, I've got your back. Your secret is safe. Whatever that secret is.
Nice figure! And season three spoilers? Shame, shame, others might be unaware.
Season 3 made me cry so much... I'm still sore over it.