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Fangirls unite!
P.S. : No boys
That's somewhat discriminatory. How do you know my gender?

... I don't know your gender.
Personally I think guys can be fangirls.
Okay! This thing applies to fanboys too! Happy now?
zomg you have a dot how do i get a dot plz tell me howww!
So do you. Look at your post while you're logged out to see it. You can learn more about it in the zomg_what_is_it thread in the Sandbox.
I read the lost hero in 3rd grade. And then subsequently finished literally every other rick riordan book (and mini-story) within 2 years.
I even finished mark of athena in like, 2 days.
Such good books.
I like how the fandom is still alive, too.
The newest apollo book came out recently, looking for a chance to get it.
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