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Maybe people here don't like that show... but I need a space to rant/fangirl about it!
i love this show
I can’t wait for season two
I honestly didn't like season 1 because I feel like the whole concept of making tapes and directly blaming people for your suicide is a little harsh (like was Hannah tryna make them commit suicide or something...) But I feel season 2 is much better
I just finished Season 2 today and holy shit... Those last two episodes were too intense and parts of them were too real. Season 3 better be an absolute banger.

Also, I know a lot of people who were offput by Season 1, especially people who had been bullied, had sexual trauma, suicidal depression, et cetera. But I think while it isn't for anyone, it's maybe something students should watch in school with their parents invited into school so that the issues exposed can be talked about. There would have to be ground rules, of course, and people could opt out. Season 2 does a better job at showing how complicated the blame vector is, and also at providing warnings where needed, and resources, hotlines, et cetera.
The series finale made me cry a lot of times. Just wanted to say that somewhere...
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