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I figured we could start a collection of art that we make exclusively with MS Paint. I've got a bunch I can share, but rather than inundate the thread with a bunch all at once, I'll start with one. I shared this on the Ask section. I made it as a transition frame between video segments, a 'bump' as it were, for a trippy video I'm making with a friend. The project got me thinking about using MS Paint in ways that I haven't before, like applying a color filter through the image by manipulating the properties of transparent selections.
(There's a really good tutorial online that explains it better than I could if you're interested and not savvy).

I've learned to trust that there's always someone online more knowledgeable about whatever I'm currently getting into, so I figured I'd start this and get a feel for what other people can accomplish.

(HOLY CRAP! The tutorial I mentioned was on Nerd Paradise. I didn't even think about the link between these two sites, and how Blake made them. Wow. Just wow.)
We don't need this thread when Beatles legend Ringo Starr has a full collection of art he made in MS paint.
Do we need any of the threads on this site? What's a *need* anyway?
I think you're just fronting cause you're lacking in chops. URL or I'm right.
The URL is right in the post.
No, I'm saying that *you* are just saying this because you lack the chops to make MS Paint Art. So drop a URL of *your* work.
Pics or it didn't happen. You know.
I have Ringo's art to keep me satisfied.
This isn't a response or anything, just figured I'd throw more paint art here.
Made the frames with MS Paint. Pretty simple, just made a template and changed the colors. Was mostly tedious. The uncompressed version looks a lot cleaner, but you know, can't upload a video to the internet without it being compressed. At least not anonymously, that I have found.
^Epilepsy warning just in case.
Shit. Yeah, sorry. Definitely needs a photosensitive warning.
Maybe this fits here...

I followed an episode of The Joy of Painting using only Mario Paint on the SNES.

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