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I don't know if there's a thread similar enough to what I want to talk about, but I went through a handful of pages and found the "video game soundtracks" thread which wasn't close enough to the discussion I was looking for.

I'm just really fixated on talking about some select original video game songs at the moment, and more specifically, the track Tripod from Bomberman Hero. I've been taken back to the past by listening to the Bomberman Hero OST, and love the game even more than I did back then, and Tripod was one of my favorites. It plays whenever you fight Nitro, and it's a badass theme.
I will have to look into that track later (I am working on other stuff that requires my ears presently), but I look forward to it.

I always love listening to tracks from games. Like, I really love the track "Overpass" from Gitaroo Man. It is made especially poignant in game because the opponent at that point is supposed to be a friend. It is played to excellent effect because...

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
The track shifts at the end into "The Legendary Theme", which is the song U-1 plays for Kirah when they first meet.
There's so many games with so many great soundtracks.
One that I keep coming back to is the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance:
I've shilled enough about Payday 2 for at least some people to know I love Payday 2, but I don't think I've talked about any of it's songs yet. Most written by Simon Viklund and some by Carl Norén (Alesso and Le Castle Vania also made some tracks), Payday 2 has the best soundtrack I've ever heard, and I love every single song on it. One good song I should use as an example is the track "Break the Rules" made for the Scarface DLC.

Simon made the song to be like "Push it to the Limit". It does it so well, it becomes an even greater song it's trying to be like. Not only can you loop it for eternity because heists can take upwards of 30 minutes to complete, but it doesn't even need the lyrics to serve it's purpose. Simon's angelic voice can randomly accompany a police assault as a little treat to your ears. It goes along perfectly with the high octane action of slaughtering hundreds of a maximum response police force AS Tony Montana to kill Ernesto Sosa as revenge for one of your many contractors, the butcher. This fucking heist is a MASTERPIECE and is an 80's action movie wet dream (in a more modern setting). When you play this heist loud, you ransack Tony's old mansion by burning expensive paintings, dropping cars in the ocean and destroying armored turrets before being confronted by Sosa in a familiar fashion, with him destroying his office door with an underbarrel grenade launcher, and it's still not done because you also steal all his coke and money from a safe that rises out of the floor. All of that combined with the musical majesty of Simon's brilliance playing in the background makes for one of the most badass heists in Payday 2. Simon is my lord and savior, and his music are his blessings.
I recently unlocked a secret style for Kiryu in Yakuza 0, and it's theme has me blown away. It's called Receive You. Listen to it yourself to understand how absolutely mental this song is.
I like video rhythm game songs. One of my favorite electronic artists is waterflame.
Dr. Wiley Theme remix by Bossfight, motherfuckers.

This is all you ever need know.
This seems like the perfect thread for me.
The pokemon soundtrack has always been one of my favorites. Especially generation 4's.
Such calming and reminiscent music.
Sundog said:
Dr. Wiley Theme remix by Bossfight, motherfuckers.

This is all you ever need know.

when i read "remix" the first thing i thought of was touhou
Everyone knows "Jump up, Super Star!" is the best video game song of the 2010s

I like video rhythm game songs. One of my favorite electronic artists is waterflame.

After looking at past me I am now doubting if past me was alive
I just like the run 3 music lol.
Have none of you played hollow knight? One of my favorites is Mantis Lords.
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