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I can wait. Make a reference if you will. I bet no one will respond within 24 hours, anyway.
What you are going to say next is, "How did you get here so quickly?"
Nah. It was at least a day.
The time of posting was .996 when I posted.
Eh. Jojo references galore
Have you heard of the DUWANG translation?
Yes. i am basically the only one here who understands Jojokes
I've only seen season 1 of JJBA, but I really like what I have seen
Excellent, excellent! Who's your favorite character thus far?
speedwagon ultimate waifu
spoilers for part 8
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
yoshikage kira dies in jojolion
oh damn
what's ur guys' favorite stands? mine is tusk
Mine is probably the Emperor
Mine would be d4c
This forum still have some people in it?

Favorite stand is Aerosmith
mine is oasis
part 3 stardust crusaders is easily my least favorite part
the tone is wholly inconsistent throughout the whole thing, and the show fails to take itself seriously almost as if it's trying to be as comedic as possible in a setting where the mood is constantly tense and dangerous causing the emotional parts of the show to completely fall flat as well.

also tons of completely idiotic moments on both the part of the characters and araki himself. bringing avdol back was a mistake, polnareff knowingly betting his soul to osiris was stupid, and no joseph these last 50 days were not fun. you had to be watching your back because DIO sent like 30 stand users at you

1 was alright, 2 was getting better, 3 was "oh my god when will this end" and 4 and 5 were both amazing, one after the other.
I do not blame you about that

But as you see when they weren't being attacked by a stand user ex: Oingo Boingo brothers they casually had fun and enjoyed their free time

Avdol being brought back also didn't do well with Araki and he didn't want to do another fire based stand after Magicians Red
Tbh, I think phantom blood was good
at least i liked it better than part 3

btw do you think dio was at his strongest in part 1 or part 3?
Dio was an idiot in part 3
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