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10/10 That drop hit hard. The ending is wild.

Amadelle with Love - Gus Dapperton
7/10. ok instrumental, unbearable voice (and that says a lot cuz i like verbose), could have a better picture.

Karasuyasabou feat. Kagamine Rin:Paranoia
Bringing this back.

The vocals seemed a little contrasting to the backing at first, took me a bit to warm up to the song. Catchy chorus, stunning visuals.

I Monster - Goodbye Sun
8/10 never a fan of slow and soft songs, but it's ok.

OR3O, Rachie, Chi-chi, and Kathy-Chan★: Doki Doki Forever
As an fyi it contains major spoilers for ddlc
What a fuckin BOP
7.5/10, got scared a couple times cuz I'm a baby but yeah pretty good

Sugarplum Elegy - NIKI
8/10. I like it, it's chill. I like how it combines sort of a ballad sound and format in a more electronic, indie-pop style.

This is my 'safe trip' music and also my top played song on Spotify
i can see why its your most played its a really good song tbh

Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI Medley
this is the most relaxing music ever SIKE
pretty good!

music tells a story unless it doesn't
Very very good as an OST song, but I probably wouldn't listen to it other then in the game

Here's my favorite song rn
fu ckin i really like the tone and beat of the song (mostly the bass at the beginning goddamn that's good), I don't really like the vocals, but i could probably learn to love them

Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala
Not my favorite song, but the vocals were really good and it stayed consistent

Big Fish by Vince Staples
I can understand the appeal but its not really my thing.

OK, I guess. 6/10.

The beats are pretty ponderous, and that bass sound really grates on me. It seems to be heaving huge big mud balls across the sound space. Other than that it's pretty well put together.

Crumb Locket

My childhood song 9/10
DIAV said:
OK, I guess. 6/10.

The beats are pretty ponderous, and that bass sound really grates on me. It seems to be heaving huge big mud balls across the sound space. Other than that it's pretty well put together.

Crumb Locket

A pleasant and instrumental, complex but not cluttered; the instruments and effects seem nicely balanced in a psychedelic blend. However, some refinement would've made the song even better. With some subtle tweaks on the vocals, chorus, and transitions, the song's rougher ends would flatten out.

One for the Road - Louie Zong
An interesting remix 7/10. I prefer the somewhat simpler original but I could definitely stand to listen to this version.

Porcupine tree - sentimental
7/10 Chill. A nice listen. The sound slowly builds while never straying from that relaxing feel.

10/10 insta-loop

I know it's February but I love this song
7.5/10 As far as Christmas music goes, this is probably as good as you're gonna get. I've always preferred the warm and mellow feel to the upbeat. Sinatra will always have his distinct voice.

Plini - Other Things
Nice song, would've been higher but I'm not quite accustomed to the genre of that kind of music. The guitar at the beginning was really nice though.

ReviXy - ikaruga_nex
It sounds like something I'd play as a rhythm game map but besides that I probably wouldn't choose to listen to it.

Klaxons- Valley Of The Calm Trees
4/10 probably. I'm not sure why, but the song just feels off to me.

Someone rate this one.

MGMT - Siberian Breaks
Firstly - Hi, welcome, and dibs on your soul.

So, you like prog rock. Well you got the right audience - so do I.

If I'd heard this in the 70s or even early 80s I might have been quite impressed. Now it mostly sounds like a collection of cliches by an amateur tribute band. The vocals are shallow, the bass twangy. The drummer is competent but uses some OTT sounds occasionally. The whole thing is held together by the keyboards, which although not particularly original are technically very well put together. The songwriting is decent, but the performance doesn't quite cut it in my book.

A lukewarm 6.5/10.

Try this:
Not my style, but I can't help but acknowledge talent when I see it. 7.5/10, and that's a good rating in my book.

how to do a clean gliss
I never really liked the original song but this cover's really good and I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to it.

You Saw It Coming - A Persona 5 Orchestration
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