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10/10 That drop hit hard. The ending is wild.

Amadelle with Love - Gus Dapperton
7/10. ok instrumental, unbearable voice (and that says a lot cuz i like verbose), could have a better picture.

Karasuyasabou feat. Kagamine Rin:Paranoia
Bringing this back.

The vocals seemed a little contrasting to the backing at first, took me a bit to warm up to the song. Catchy chorus, stunning visuals.

I Monster - Goodbye Sun
8/10 never a fan of slow and soft songs, but it's ok.

OR3O, Rachie, Chi-chi, and Kathy-Chan★: Doki Doki Forever
As an fyi it contains major spoilers for ddlc
What a fuckin BOP
7.5/10, got scared a couple times cuz I'm a baby but yeah pretty good

Sugarplum Elegy - NIKI
8/10. I like it, it's chill. I like how it combines sort of a ballad sound and format in a more electronic, indie-pop style.

This is my 'safe trip' music and also my top played song on Spotify
i can see why its your most played its a really good song tbh

Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI Medley
this is the most relaxing music ever SIKE
pretty good!

music tells a story unless it doesn't
Very very good as an OST song, but I probably wouldn't listen to it other then in the game

Here's my favorite song rn
fu ckin i really like the tone and beat of the song (mostly the bass at the beginning goddamn that's good), I don't really like the vocals, but i could probably learn to love them

Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala
Not my favorite song, but the vocals were really good and it stayed consistent

Big Fish by Vince Staples
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