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A fairly good orchestration. The jazzier elements of the piece are nicely handled, especially on the keyboard and bass, but the brass, strings, and woodwinds felt a little cluttered at times. Some of the sections could be improved on clarity or sound.

Phum Viphurit - Hello, Anxiety [Official Video]
My right ear quite enjoyed that guitar part.

That much aside, I can tell this is someone who can hold their own on their instrument, and I admire that. Not overly simple, a nice listen, and a message that should be said more often, which isn't something I can't say for a growing chunk of popular music.

And now for something completely different
never a fan of metal, but still pretty good. 7/10

7- killer piano part but there are times when its a bit too much. I'm also not a huge fan of the drum thingy in the beginning
no other one - weezer
6, one of the whinier weezer songs, still like how they play with the guitar on this one though.

Only in Dreams - Weezer
9/10 - one of my favourite songs. im biased so i dont really have any valid criticisms. also, happy 25th to the blue album : )

another weezer song
6, Pretty enjoyable overall. That came out this year? I'm really liking how grungy the instrumentals are.

When You Sleep - CAKE
5, gave me flashbacks to 1960s music, idk why

Not really a big fan of this one. EDM used to be something I was into, but never this hardcore, fast-paced, bass-dropping, EDM stuff. Sorry if you really like the song, I'm just not that into it.

Probably a 2/10 from me.

Try this, next person: Chase Ceglie - All I Want Is U
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