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6.5/10 It sounds like something I might encounter in osu! with it's high energy and its obvious Japanese influences. Not bad.

Periphery - The Way The News Goes...
4/10. Not something i'd really listen to. The background music don't really match the vocals, and it sound's really weird when combined.
I mapped this song for blox saber and found out the max note number was 1550
Not super into the dubsteppy stuff but I have heard worse so 6/10

IAMX - Mile Deep Hollow
I'm not really sure what to think. I feel like I spent the whole time waiting for it to start. So I guess I'll give it a 5/10.

Kyle Craft - Eye of a Hurricane
bonus review for LogicBomb
The digital backing is animating, but I come to prefer the slightly-less computerized sound of the album (?) version. Somber and melodic, but not quite as powerful in the sense of vocals.

A solid song, something I would listen to during a summer drive on the highway. It's a pleasant listen and of the older style of music that is fairly tricky to find among the mainstream stuff of today. Especially fond of that piano.

That's How I Beat Shaq Aaron - Neil Cicierega
9/10 It bops. Neil is good shit.

Plini - Tarred & Feathered
that was actually pretty damn good 9/10

Set It Off - Bleak December
Wow, really nice! I just don't really like the cursing (never did) so maybe 8.5/10

Not another vocaloid song
It's cool, I know you've heard it before, but so many japanese songs seem high energy as heck. Makes me wonder if there's japanese chill-jams out there somewhere.

This will always be a banger to me. That bus/boat driver sings his little heart out and it makes me happy every time. Plus the new instrumentation they added in smash ultimate is great.
6/10 I enjoyed it but not super strongly and because you posted a gaming soundtrack you like here is one I like

Heritors of Arcadia - Fire Emblem Echos
Reminded me of the new Smash theme with lyrics but more coherent, nice.

I just play this on repeat sometimes, such a good mixture.
5.5/10 The soundfont is a cool idea, but it doesn't seem to have much more purpose than appealing to nostalgia. Overall, I don't feel strongly either way.

At this point I'm purposely throwing in weird shit
3/10 It's a no from me. I do give it points for being unique.

Ironically, I can't find a video or stream of the studio version of this song.
I Am Easy to Find by The National

loved the sound, and gotta give points to them for using a trumpet, but even after reading the genius lyrics analysis of it, i didn't really get it?? like it's long term relationships but???

this beautiful bullshit
1/10 I absolutely hated that.

Mother Mother - Body
4/10. the beginning was great, but once the vocals started it was an absolute turn off.

and at this point i have no idea what to do
4/10 I really didn't like the drum sound all that much, and I don't have any strong feelings otherwise.

Here, have some heavy shit
Meshuggah - Spasm
6/10, if it's metal but not death metal then i probably won't like it. However, still pretty good.

And now my least favorite song from a great producer
7.5/10. I can see what you mean by a great producer. Some of those sounds are just like ear candy, specifically the timbre or tone of the melody/synth reminds me of like a ps2 era game, and just like the little tinny noises that click in just hit a certain spot in my ears that is like a cool cool feeling. The song itself has a pretty unique sound to me, however it feels sort of jumbled, which is what stops it for me from a higher score. I don't listen to much electronic music comparatively. That might be part of why it sounds unique to me. It seems like it has a few dubstep inspired sounds, which dubstep in general just feels jumbled to me often. So, it might just be my bias, but that's what I'm feeling. Cool cool sounds, not a song structure or melody that I expect will stick with me.
azerty said:
loved the sound, and gotta give points to them for using a trumpet, but even after reading the genius lyrics analysis of it, i didn't really get it?? like it's long term relationships but??

You were probably critiquing, not asking for a reading. Imma give you my reading anyways. My reading is not too far from the title. Someone left the narrator. The narrator is making themself easy to find in case that person comes back. That's different than what Genius and Matt Beringer have to say about it, but that's what makes sense to me.
Saw these guys live finally
Tempest by Low
Melancholic, with a surreal quality. The distortion and the vocoder effect brings another layer of fervor to the song.
Shame that I don't have a set a higher quality headphones for this.

The live rendition is also a worthy listen.

25 or 6 to 4 (2002 Remaster)- Chicago
8.5/10 Chicaaagooooooo

Chicago's good stuff, and I haven't got much more to add.

This genre isn't usually my thing, but:
P.O.S - Gravedigger
6/10, I too don't like that genre, and to me the background music means more than lyrics.
hey look a song that came out today
Not a fan of this kinda stuff but I guess I have heard worse. 6/10

Foster The People - Imagination
8/10, that voice was a bit too high pitched for me to like

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