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8/10, that voice was a bit too high pitched for me to like


I hated it, but I recognize that that it had a beat and a melody and the person who wrote it united those two things to make a whole so I will give it a 1.

This is a guilty pleasure song for me for sure. I don't normally listen to such sappy songs in this style but hey.
3/10 - IGN, "It has a little something for everyone."

Nah, it's actually a six or seven, maybe even an eight.

One of the best opening songs for a grunge album I've heard.
Definite 8/10. Very great, the opening makes me think of Doom 2016, and this song embodies the spirit of "I'm about to start a riot."

Scythelord - Red Shift
Hope you guys like thrash/death.
Really dig the drumming and guitarwork in this piece. The vocals? Not as much, but that's really because I'm not that familiar/have too much appeal to the thrash genre.

Blockhead - Attack the Doctor
That's a solid 7 I'd say. Kinds trippy. Kinda vibey. Never heard of Blockhead, but I liked listening to it.

Okay, maybe I am a sucker for sappy songs?
6.75/10 It's not the sort of thing I listen to, and I'll recognize that it's pretty good, but I also feel like if I heard it on the radio enough times, I'd grow to dislike it.

Animals As Leaders - Inner Assassins
Tinfoil Hatter, I would love to hear them on the radio. And your song gets a 9. I love prog.

Metal doesn't get much better than this in my opinion.
8.25/10 In the least demeaning way I can muster, I think it's pretty neat

Something I never knew I wanted
I appreciate your really specific, decimal-ed ratings, by the way. I give your song a 5 because it's half really good and half goofy on a level I just can't appreciate. Like I realize it's supposed to be a goofy song, but it's not my sense of humor. But the music and instrumentation is an actual jam.

This album has my whole heart. But it's country, so BE COOL.
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