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8/10, that voice was a bit too high pitched for me to like


I hated it, but I recognize that that it had a beat and a melody and the person who wrote it united those two things to make a whole so I will give it a 1.

This is a guilty pleasure song for me for sure. I don't normally listen to such sappy songs in this style but hey.
3/10 - IGN, "It has a little something for everyone."

Nah, it's actually a six or seven, maybe even an eight.

One of the best opening songs for a grunge album I've heard.
Definite 8/10. Very great, the opening makes me think of Doom 2016, and this song embodies the spirit of "I'm about to start a riot."

Scythelord - Red Shift
Hope you guys like thrash/death.
Really dig the drumming and guitarwork in this piece. The vocals? Not as much, but that's really because I'm not that familiar/have too much appeal to the thrash genre.

Blockhead - Attack the Doctor
That's a solid 7 I'd say. Kinds trippy. Kinda vibey. Never heard of Blockhead, but I liked listening to it.

Okay, maybe I am a sucker for sappy songs?
6.75/10 It's not the sort of thing I listen to, and I'll recognize that it's pretty good, but I also feel like if I heard it on the radio enough times, I'd grow to dislike it.

Animals As Leaders - Inner Assassins
Tinfoil Hatter, I would love to hear them on the radio. And your song gets a 9. I love prog.

Metal doesn't get much better than this in my opinion.
8.25/10 In the least demeaning way I can muster, I think it's pretty neat

Something I never knew I wanted
I appreciate your really specific, decimal-ed ratings, by the way. I give your song a 5 because it's half really good and half goofy on a level I just can't appreciate. Like I realize it's supposed to be a goofy song, but it's not my sense of humor. But the music and instrumentation is an actual jam.

This album has my whole heart. But it's country, so BE COOL.
6/10 Modern country tropes: trucks, old school, unpaved road. Okay, 3 isn't that bad. Like, it looses points for that, but the song isn't like only consisted of tropes. It has its own thing to say and it gets points for that. I especially appreciate the effects on guitar and voice. It gives it a slightly more experimental, psychedelic sound. It also still generally has that modern country sound to it, maybe more in the structure of the music, which is not my favorite. I'd listen to this over other modern country, but not my cup of tea enough to seek it out.

A lot of my friends like the new bon iver record, but not as much nearly as 22, A million. I do like 22, A MIllion more, but I really like a lot of the new one as well. This is my favorite: RaBI by Bon Iver
I super love that song. I'll give it a 9 or 10 or I could just say it was a pure pleasure to listen to. It's got that echoey, almost psychedelic vocals and guitar I really like about the Eric Church song I posted, except in an obviously indie style instead of country. I really like how impressionistic it is, it just comes and goes smoothly, all the elements and effects are layered well to produce a really nice atmosphere. It's exactly the kind of sound I love to listen to. The lyrics flow nicely with the music too and I like how each chorus is different in some way. In really general, vague terms my best guesses as to the themes of the song are: growing older, pondering what we are meant to be doing, and finally relishing in escape and making peace with the unknown. I've never listened to any Bon Iver but I'll definitely be checking them out very soon.

since Kurmis mentioned unpaved roads, this is my favorite happy lament about there not being more of them
8/10. not my favorite genre but it's got a message that i don't understand

autotune furries
I'm gonna level with you, alfanewmerik, bro, NOT my favorite genre but it's got a message that I DON'T understand. So I give autotune furries an 8/10. Additionally, WHAT the hell???!!
6/10. Not my favorite genre.

Back in Black
8.5/10 Not my favorite genre. jk but fr this is a classic tho

i kept the chain going aren't i cool

Polyphia - Saucy
7/10. Cool, but not my favorite genre.

Everybody Loves You Now
9/10. I kind of like it.

Paint it Black
A classic and solid jam. Its repetitive melody feels a little mild for my tastes, however.

Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone (Audio)

The style feels like a cross between 60s bar music and 2000s pop. makes me nostalgic a little, but not too much.

Amnéhilesie - MisomyL
6.5/10. It's an interesting cross of sounds/influences. It seems like it takes from classical, metal, and Japanese instrumental/techno. It's captivating, for sure. There isn't much melody to it to start, but more melody builds as it goes. It's a bit fast for me. There are of course fast songs I like, but this is the sort of fast that makes me feel sort of, like, off-balance. I have a personal bias towards more lyrical content, so that's probably the biggest thing that holds me back from a higher score and/or listening to it on my own time and/or looking into the artist.

I've been into Billie Eillish lately. Of course, she's been very popular, but there are some that don't find her or her music that interesting. So I'm interested what this will get.
Imma be honest, I've never really liked songs that are centered around vocals. However, I'm going to try to put that aside. I like how she at least sings rather than just talks, so I'll give it a 7/10.

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