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Anyone here into comics? I've read a few, but not too many. I saw something about Marvel Unlimited (kind of like Netflix for Marvel comics, but it has basically every Marvel comic ever that's older than 6 months or something like that), so I started the free trial. Are there any recommendations on what to read on there?

I've started Ultimate Spider-man because I like Spider-man, and also The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl because I've enjoyed what I've read from the writer (Ryan North) in the past, some of the webcomic Dinosaur Comics and a few of the Adventure Time comics.
For now I just check in to various webcomics. Does buying physical comics end up being a very expensive hobby?
Wow, no one uses this thread. Sad, but ultimately I get my comics by alternative means so it's not expensive. I'm currently loving Flash (2016) and Batman & Detective Comics (2016). Gwenpool is also good, but marvel is slipping in their comics. Their movies are badass, though.