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Bruh I am straight jamming to some Sugar Ray today.
Apparently, Spotify thinks I listen to Chinese/Korean rap??? I mean, some of it isn't bad, but like I was really confused when I went on my Weekly Discover playlist...
Yeah Spotify thinks I adore newer hip hop and new country, which are the two genres I like least.
Mine is pretty spot on to my tastes, y'all trippin
Qwaz said:
Has anyone given the new stuff from Gorillaz, "Humanz," a shot yet? I've heard a few tracks and have enjoyed them thus far. Kacy plays Let Me Out at least once per trip into town.
If Ninja_of_Cloud still comes around any, I'd be interested in his thoughts.

Short Answer: I like the album a lot. Probably my second favorite from their discography. That said I think it feels less cohesive as an album as the last two. Feels more like Damon Albarn collab hour than a Gorillaz album.

I can go into it more later if anyone else is interested, but I need to sleep now.

Closing advice: the deluxe version is the definitive one imo. Listen to that.
Holy shit. Chester Bennington committed suicide.
Arcade Fire dropped a new album. I don't think it has as much depth as their previous releases but I still enjoyed it. It all felt very tongue and cheek. Reminded me a lot of the first half of Reflecktor. The sound they went for made me think of ABBA crossed with 80s video game music.
Yeah, I liked the Arcade Fire album. I think it's their worst to date, but still enjoyable. "Creature Comfort" is my favorite track on it, though some of the lyrics are real pretentious (talking about a girl thinking about suicide while listening to their first album..). "Chemistry" is maybe the weakest Arcade Fire song ever, I really don't like that one. But I do like the album overall.
Felt. It honestly had the content closer to an EP than a full album, but it just goes to show that even lower effort Arcade Fire is still pretty damn good.
Anyone else listening to the new LCD Soundsystem album that came out today. It's fantastic. I really really like it. "how do you sleep?" is just something else, man.
I've listened to it a few times and I'm generally liking what I'm hearing. I was hoping that it would be a little more of a departure from their previous stuff, considering that it's a comeback album and all, but that's not a real flaw on the album, just what I wanted out of it. how do you sleep? is one of the standout tracks for me too. I really like the pulse (v.1) track that they dropped too. Kinda has that 45:33 thing going on with how jam-y it feels.

Closing advice: the deluxe version is the definitive one imo. Listen to that.

Honestly, the deluxe version is worth the price of admission for The Apprentice alone.

Oh, and Tom Petty has just passed at 66. Weird year so far.
So I'm going to have a Halloween party and I'm making a playlist of Halloween themed songs for it. Any suggestions for songs I should add?
Monster Mash on loop.
DIAV agrees with Jash Agrees.
pls dont encourage him
Monster Mash on loop sounds like a great idea.
You should follow Jash’s wisdom, but in case you want to keep your friends after the night’s over:

Here’s the available Creature Feature Discography.

Rob Zombie is fine for good measure.

Ray Stevens can help you out.

Classic from The Diamonds

And the better choice for a loop song, because John Carpenter is your god this season.
"Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a very good Halloween-ish dance track.
Not specifically halloween originally, but goes with the horror theme...
I made a new friend at the bar and now I am going to the Front Bottoms show friday wooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Alright, so one of the twitch streamers I watch has a great band called Red Vox. The music really great, and I want to share it. They've recently released a great album called Another Light, I really recommend giving it a shot.
How is it that I like electronica, folk, country, rap and now Black Veil Brides.
Carbon Based Lifeforms, The Carter Family (listen to them and you've heard almost every american folk song), Hank Williams, Lil' Boosie, now Black Veil Brides. Pleb music all da way. pleb life4life.
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