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I'm a weatherman and one of my senior meteorologists, an older guy who's taught at a university was working shift with me. I mentioned a lot of my favorite grunge musicians either died by suicide or overdose on drugs. He turns to me and says, "Not very good role models huh?". I know he's Christian and it doesn't bother me. He mentioned Switchfoot and Reliant K. saying, "I can't see any of those guys commiting suicide. I'd give them a listen."

It just so happens Switchfoot is one of my favorite high on life bands and I'm very familiar with Jon Foreman's songs so I told him Switchfoot was probably one of my all time favorites but I still enjoy the grunge genre for it's music, culture and intensity.

This just made me think a bit about role models and I don't really look up to any one individual and put them on a pedestal. We all make mistakes and some of us have more troubled lives. I know Chris Cornell was suffering from depression and on medication that wasn't working out so great. I still appreciate his style and music. Ultimately I think he had a pretty enlightened view on religion stating that as a free-thinker he didn't subscribe to any one religion knowing that they all involve some conflict and he'd rather not have subscribed to anything dogmatic.

Some music I just listen too without thinking too deeply about it or asking questions. I don't really look up to the artist but I like the music. Whereas other artists I know a lot better and follow what inspired them and what thoughts they put into the lyrics because it gives me a new or more profound appreciation for the music.

I know music is the most inspiring thing in my life and I was wondering, how many people look up to the artists they listen too and take the music seriously vs. just enjoying the music for whatever it means to you? And what do you think of a co-worker mentoring me about musicians as role models?
My interest has always been in the music, not the musicians. (Not that I have no interest in them, just that the music is the important thing).
I just don't "look up" to artists. I like their shit from a distance, and if something goes sour (like Jesse Lacey in Brand New, for example), I distance myself from the work and find something else instead.
Yeah dude, I love Hank Williams to death but the dude literally could not perform without being bombed and had to get people to watch out for him like he was baby because of how intoxicated he always was and died "accidentally" on morphine, alcohol, and chloral hydrate and could never keep a stable relationship with anyone. Like for real, if you take a musician as a role model then I hope all of their songs are boring or like the kind of stuff you'd hear a band play at a mega church.

And your coworker probably just remembered people he knew who loved the shit out of Kurt cobain and who were like "Nirvana nirvana nirvana I wanna be Kurt cobain nirvana nirvana" cause I'm sure you've met people like that. It's also just not uncommon for people, especially young people, to find musicians and think of them as role models and frankly, if I had the same conversation with you I'd probably say something like "Well that's fuckin' depressin'." only I wouldn't assume you took them as role models cause... you're clearly not like that.

Also it's totally because he's older than you dude that he expressed any interest whatsoever in your role models. I don't give a shit who your role models are.

Also oi, what's this stuff about Christianity? You saying I can't love Fifth Ward WEEBIE?
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Yes, he's much older, probably the smartest guy I work with; but sometimes his tendency to mentor me on what I should take an interest in gets on my nerves. I think most musicians aren't good role models but you can still enjoy the art nonetheless. I think a lot of people who are deeply troubled yet artistically talented often find the most beautiful ways to express it.
Yeah I def get that. I'm drawn to troubled musicians as well sometimes. Likely because I lack any artistic ability to expeess my own. I think people 50 and up have that look at young people listening to things like punk rock or metal or hip hop/rap or grunge or hippie stuff cause they do remember times they've all had a huge followings and it's easy for a lot of older people to remember negative things. I mean how many time she have you heard of old people complaining about rap artists and shit.

But yeah, most musicians aren't role models. it seems like being a musician is a pretty sad occupation and to be accepting of it seems to take a lot of ... trouble in life. I hope people are beginning to realize that more. Maybe nothing's changed. Probably not.
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