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Yups, bringing this one back too.

I just realised that I would wear this shirt forever if it were possible.
I just realised I Love Whovian's avatar/icon/picture...thing.
I just realised I Love Whovian's avatar/icon/picture...thing.


I swear, that was nauseating, Emp.

Just realised that my riddiculous request for the strike-through z can now be done, like so: z. I'll probably still not use it, though.
Yep, I knew that was going to happen. I think I already warned people somewher that I was going to over use the colours., fair enough.

I think I'll still be having first lunch.
My school uses a version of Internet Explorer that isn't compatible with the new TwoCans. -_-
I just realized my cat is a whore. Also, it's hard to type when she's nuzzling and licking my hands.
I just realised that I know why my stomach is upset.
I just realised that no matter how much I want to go to the movies with my friend tonight, I won't be going.
I just realized I have to work today. No wanna. :(
I just realised that it's almost nine o'clock and I haven't done my homework yet.
I just realized my post count restarted. Now I'm sad.
I just realized the printer is out of paper.
I just realised that I don't really give a rat's ass about it.
I just realised that we have chocolate here. I think I'm going to steal a bite. Or two.
^that post made me realize that I also have chocolate, making today so much better :)
My mum ate the last of my chocolate.
I quite like hating you. I feel better. You were never my friend; simply very clever and good at pretending.
I just realised that I have 26 emails in my mailbox. What in the world have I done?

Edit: Wow, every single one of those emails was from the notification fairy. Hahaha!
My cat is the cutest thing ever.
I just realized that I have no idea how long I was on the phone with her last night.
Three and a half hours, total.
Wow, I don't remember most of it. I must have really been out of it.
People will believe whatever lets them sleep easily at night, nothing more.

The Doctor is amazing, truly.
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