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I had nightmares last night, so I didn't sleep well.

I just realized that I can't rent my Spanish book for class because the library doesn't have them.

Edit: I was probably talking in my dreams last night, for I had a dream an evil spirit was trying to kill me. When I looked in the mirror, my flesh disappeared, leaving nothing but bones. I was crying in my dreams. I just realized that I died in my dream and am still alive to tell about it.
I just realised that I don't care what people like you think. I'm sorry that I ever pretended to care for as long as I did.
I have to work today. With them. And he won't be around to panic call/message/email. >.<
I'm sorry, babe. :/
Its ok babe.
Wasn't it agreed that you two would stop with 'babe, this', 'babe, that' and all of your posts being able each other?
Hmm, you're right Ant. I started that one, my apologies.
Ninj is right. The cheeseburger bed is impractical and will most likely be uncomfortable.
I didn't get their names. >.< I helped our new neighbors move in but I didn't think to get their names. I'm so fucking inconsiderate. :(
I really need to go do the damn dishes.
I just realised that the evening has begun. By the looks of it I will be throwing my plans away and not actually going anywhere.
My lips hurt.
I just realized that my momma's coming up here to see me today! I'm so excited, she'll be her in about an hour, and I've been so worried about her, I was crying earlier today I was so worried about her! :D
I just realised I would much rather sleep for the rest of the day than be productive.
Eighteen minutes until the computers go away.
Despite it being cold in here, my feet aren't cold.
I'm tired.
I really need to work on Ninj's scarf.
Yes, yes you do. ;)
I just realized that it's 8:29 and he's still not here.
I forgot my pills at my mom's. :/

I just realized you didn't take them this morning either then. -.- Bad boy.
True. :/

I'm honestly trying not to freak out. I doubt missing one day is going to effect me too much, but if it does I don't know what I'll do...
You'll tell me and I'll call. Last time you skipped was BAD.
That makes me feel a bit better. Thank you, Chelsea.
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