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For those who are currently struggling with their lives right now. Financially, mentally, physically; this is a place where you can vent or talk about what it is causing you trouble. It could be anything. (Also a good place to spam your frustrations. A nice way to blow off some steam if you are having a rough time or a bad day.)
I have so much useless crap bugging me where do I even begin
the beginning
Man, I hate it when I'll go an entire day and just not want to be around people. There are friends who rely on me to vent and who just want to be friendly but I read their messages and I feel so drained and I don't want to talk at all, so I either don't reply or just tell them now's not a good time. The only exception these days is my boyfriend. I always try to respond to his texts, because he's the one person I can always count on to be comfortable around.
1 year ago today, my best friend's girlfriend died in his arms. He is really struggling, he has been diagnosed with PTSD and Schizophrenia. Sometimes I will say something, and it will take him back to her last minutes. He will get really quiet and not want to talk. Sometimes I wonder if there is something I could do to help. He already has got counseling, and he says he is fine, but I'm not sure.

He isn't showing any signs of wanting to commit suicide, which is good, but he is really depressed right now.
I just miss being an innocent little kid. I miss playing pretend with a friend. I miss having the hour-long bus ride to and from school, talking, listening to the radio, or taking a nap. I miss my grandparents cabin. I miss the woods that were my backyard. I miss having so much imagination. I miss being a weird little goofball. I miss being happy. Truly happy.
It gets better. Being a teenager fuckin' sucks, and whoever said those were the best years of your life lied.

Although I have different stresses now and it can be pretty rough at times, being an adult and having all the freedom that entails has made me much, much happier than I ever was during high school or even during college. It's nice not to have to worry about social bullshit as much. You can just go find neat clubs that have the same interests as you, and it's just considered OK as an adult to... y'know, have interests.

Plus, for me, it was so, so nice not to have to deal with my parents any more. They were a major cause of stress for me. They were frustrating in many ways. Being independent has allowed me to put up boundaries that allow me to have a cordial relationship with them.
Teenagers aren't generally allowed to set their own boundaries, or even taught how/why. Is this a blind spot that our society tends to get wrong and not even notice?
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