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Life is depressing because:
wake up at 830 am feeling tired everyday
stare at computer screen for 3 hours for online class
do 4+ hours of screen homework
go outside maybe once for half an hour the entire day
feel bored and lonely and stressed
being cooped up with family is making having good relationships with them becoming harder
if there was any one thing about your life you wished you could change, what would it be?
Well, personally I’ve been good, but maybe this song can help ease the burden of your Routine days.
Life is depressing because everything’s just grinding and grinding and grinding until you get a break and then indulge yourself in too much stuff too fast on break so you still do that stuff out of break and then more grinding and also having so much late work that being able to take a proper break is a blessing because your parents are pushing you to do late work
life is work
and anyone that says anything otherwise at the moment isn’t in online school. or school in general, mayhaps.

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Huh, I have a surprising amount of pent-up frustration, don’t I.
oh yeah, i totally get it.
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