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Dude what's happening
Get back on Telegram.
i had an awful day yesterday but i'm trying to move on from it now.
my motivation has tanked lately

i completely broke down the past few days and spent zero amount of effort on any school related things and am severely behind now

i spent all of this afternoon procrastinating and only just started doing homework at 8 pm (840 now) and found that i am completely lost because i haven't been paying attention in class

normally i like to be vague with what's bothering me on my rant thread but like yeah this is definitely a huge huge frustration for me right now
i hate how atypical i've been acting in real life too

i'm trying to get over a major hurdle in my life and i feel so lost man

so so fucking lost
im at an incredibly low point in my life right now

incredibly incredibly low
You good? I noticed you aren't on any of the Discord servers, so i figured I might ask you here.
feeling better now

still not great but thats how life is sometimes
yeah, I agree, what's going on rn
some personal stuff. i had a bit of a nervous breakdown over the course of the past few days and i'm trying to recover from it.
I have some stuff to look forward to, actually. Performing les mis in my school's theatre club will be very fun.
Howdy ho! Hope everything goes well.
Same for you, acky.
Thank you.
my playlist for tonight:
I'm off to sleep now. Good night!
Sleep well, and don't let the bad things get to you.
i feel like ive been using the forums a lot less lately
somewhere in nevada 2 is roughly 28% longer than somewhere in nevada 1
I need caveat to remind me again that I'm not being too cringe, or that it's okay to be cringe.
I need to go to sleep now. I miss samsung. Please come back.
On two separate occasions, I was in the vicinity of a transphobic conversation and both times I did nothing. I'm a fucking

The second time I was directly involved the in the conversation as well

One kid was joking to me specifically about how silly people are for being so serious about pronouns and I didn't even correct him. God I fucking hate myse

If I really cared I would've spoken out
now maybe im not understanding what your saying, but doesnt the fact that youre upset that you didnt speak up show how you care?
i was too much of a pushover to say anything

haha sorry stripes i'm tired right now

i'll go to sleep now i promise
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