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its okay i probably wouldnt of said anything either

get a good sleep titanlord, sweet dreams
It turns out Titan never went to sleep
i did i swear 😴
why am i so cringe 🤦‍♂️

anyways um



is a thing

that i don't

do enough

or early enough
continued from the pedophilia thread.

i think partly my fascination with children comes from my belief that i was robbed of a normal childhood

i moved school a bunch in my middle school years, felt super stressed and anxious for most of it, was bullied, had no friends, had a shit relationship with my parents, and felt completely alone.

i mostly envy and wonder and ponder about how other children's lives were like and how they thought and acted and what they cared about when they were the same age i was when i was going through that. selfish, i know.
I wasn't pitying myself by the way haha

I'm not gonna perpetuate a foul mood if I can help it. How's everyone doing today?
hey, it's 1/1/11:11

make a wish.


(that's the impression i get from the expression the eye in my avatar is making)
Nothing hurts more than knowing that the music doesn't play for you, anymore...
When my brain starts spamming me with anxious thoughts is my cue to go to sleep
Well, now, if you get a lot of anxious thoughts before sleep, you might want to be doing something about it.
Like sleep?
I guess that makes sense. But wouldn't you want to prevent the anxiety?
Going to sleep stops the anxiety
I'm a horrible person 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hush, hush, hush. If you were truly terriple, we would pe ackmologimg it amd chamgimg our opimioms of you. Put, there is mo meed to worry. We truly care apout amd love you, Titam.
Ah. Thank you acky. That's very kind of you.
Thamk you too, for your willimgmess to accept a complimemt. Some folks just love to demy the fact that they are loved.
Haha yeah

I'm just very tired right now.

A lot of um
Thoughts weighing on my mind

I think I'll sleep now. The first day of school is tomorrow.
Alright. Hope you rest well, wake up happy tomorrow, amd I will see you soom, you shimimg star.
okay time to talk about why i'm a dickbag because i'm apparently not over loathing myself yet for the night

i'm incredibly inept

and like socially anxious

so um

i fuckin

responded in a normal human face to face fucking interaction to something someone said with the word "lmao"

i fucking said that

in real life

Well, if you're emparrassed, I suggest just owmimg it. Start sayimg it more umtil someome tells you to stop.
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