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Eventually everyone forgets.
lmao it's 1:08 am and i haven't gone to sleep yet LMAO FUNNE
i feel totally useless that i cant sit down and force myself to study. ive tried and failed two days in a row and by failing yet again im only further ruining my sense of self esteem which feeds into making it harder yet to do anything but defaulting to guilt scrolling / surfing endlessly on youtube. i cant even let myself do anything i enjoy because i have this whole "work that needs to be done isnt being done" complex. it is around this point of my rant i worry again that this really isnt
theres so many self loathing and plainly manic thoughts going through my head right now

i hate that i might not get anything done tomorrow either

either way im making it worse by not going to sleep

im mad at myself for it
i have a headache and my mouth tastes like lead

i have never had a headache of a nature as this one persist so many days in a row
dlay puas
stop complaining that you're lonely. nobody wants to hear it.

you're just being a dick again. shut the fuck up right now. god damn it why are you so annoying?
why are you feel so entitled to other people's sympathy? you have no right to that. what do you hope to gain by complaining all the fucking time, huh? what do you think you'll get out of that?
whiny piece of shit. burn in hell.
i'll say something positive for once

antimony, samsung, pheo, and antagonist are some of the most tolerant and nice people on the forum

same goes for gws, licky, bronco, poodonkus, and dementedkermit

and jrob and eriophora. and i can't thank them enough for it.
played tennis today

i lost
Titan can you stop spamming in the Q&A
sorry. i'll stop for tonight.
my little brother hacked my account last night

i'm joking i don't have a little brother
god, im a fucking materialistic bourgie asshole.

i cant even spell whatever word that is right
im worried that im doing this for attention and to fish for pity or sympathy

how ironic is that? conplaining that i got called an attention whore to what? garner attention? no. im a sucky sucky bad person for it. and for acting all dickish to everyone.
i hate admitting this but i wont feel right if i dont so ill say it my parents are nice people

i disagree with them sometimes but that doesnt stop them from trying their best to raise me
i feel like an asshole who takes what he has for granted my brother got me a netflix subscription and i hardly ever use it. ugh what an ingrateful little shit, right? no i know why im doing this to myself. i dont know why im doing this to myself. i wish i just could have a text message way to talk to my therapist. if only, right? im trying to be better. please dont hate me. please dont think i havent changed. im like one of those annoying mofos on facebook who say random shit to fish for sympathy but give zero context foolishly hoping a person gives a fuck. i like to think thats not the reason though.
why cant i be fucking
not a dick. you dont see any other rant threads on this site.
i shouldnt hate myself. why should i hate myself. im mad at myself.
i'm trying to *vibe* through the remaining month and change until school starts up again, but it's not easy. do any of you guys wanna like hang out at all? video games?
god, im a fucking materialistic bourgie asshole.

i cant even spell whatever word that is right

What, bourgeoisie?

I wish I could play
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