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This thread is basically to announce random pain that you're experiencing for almost no reason.

I'll go first: behind my left knee aches like it does when you're a rapidly growing child, but I know for a fact I stopped growing 3 years ago so I don't know what that's about :,)
everything hurts i cant fucking walk

cramps are the worst
i know this isnt something that just happens for no reason but i was literally just sitting there minding my business and then suddenly, bam! immense pain! fuck you!
I agree cramps suck.

I remember when I was 10 my friend got appendicitis and from then on I had an irrational fear that every cramp I got was appendicitis, which very much caused a sense of impending doom. I knew it was an irrational fear too because I always told myself that only 7 percent of Americans had their appendix removed.

Anyway I got my appendix removed when I was 12
I lifted my leg up to put on my shoe and it was just an almost unbearable pain in my abdomen it was ouchy
I hate that feeling, it feels like my life is ending and I'll be going toward the light soon.
Sometimes, when I land on my left foot too hard, it nearly gives out at the ankle and hurts like hell.
when I was 11 I thought it was funny to bang my library book as hard as i could against my knee. It didn't hurt one bit, for some reason. The next week that knee hurt like shit and it has never been the same, though it is gotten better
oh dear, that is quite the injury. maybe you should get it checked out
When I was 8 my sister threw me at a chair and shattered my ankle somehow

Now every time I stand up it hurts for at least a while + it can crack as many times as it wants in a row as well as randomly + when I run it will occasionally just explode and then I am death + we got it checked out once but my bones fused together in a weird way but the insurance won't pay to fix it + ouchy
oh owww
does anyone else ever wake up from a nice long sleep and have this awful pain in their neck?
Yeah. It means your pillow placement and orientation are fucked. Your neck support got all screwed up.

I hate it when it happens, I usually start obsessing over placement for a few weeks and then stop, which causes my neck to get screwed up again, etc.

It's a vicious cycle.
it sucks since i play viola and sometimes the pain is on the left side of my neck where youre supposed to hold a viola

though it dosent happen often for me, at least
All the sudden theres this throbbing pain like left of my belly button

Is this what ovulation feels like or is my appendix exploding
your appendix is on your right so probably something else
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