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Hey everyone, I am just starting this thread to basically keep a diary. If you want to contribute you don't have to start it with "dear diary" but it would make it more fun I think! And yes, the title is a Heathers reference. I'll start with my entry for today:

Dear Diary,

Today was kind of interesting! I only got six hours of sleep last night (for reference I need at least eight to function) so this morning was a rough start. My door doesn't exact fit in my door frame so when you open it you get this nice brrr sound, and when my brother woke me up this morning he opened it very fast where it went BRRR! super loudly and jump scared me awake. While I started my day chronically tired and almost in cardiac arrest from the door, I was determined to have a good day. It took me three hours to finally have some pep in my step but hey, at least I got there! After school I had to drop off my brother at home and I had play rehearsal from 3-8 pm, and it was pretty fun. We got a lot done, and I think it's really coming together! I got home at 8:15 after being at school virtually all day, and when I arrived my mom had made frijoles (the really soupy kind that doesn't taste like your local dumpster fire) so I had some for dinner :) definitely very thankful to be Mexican. So here I am, just hangin' out. I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow so I will probably go to bed soon, but that's basically my day.

Your pal, Incognito girl
Dear diary,

Today was a busy but good day :D
I woke up today at 8 am and had to be at school to tutor students at 8:30 so I definitely got a good night's sleep. When I got to my choir teacher's class for tutoring he had a glazed doughnut for me since it was Friday so that made me happy :) When I got home I did school for 4 hours almost nonstop because I stay on the school grind all the time, and I also had missing assignments I was unaware of. Don't worry, my parents made me very aware that these assignments were missing. Anyways, then I went to play practice for 3 hours which was really fun, except I had to stay a little after to invent this "language" since I'm supposed to be a creepy vampire or something. I don't have a background in linguistics, but I think we did some good work. Then I went to a fancy dinner with my pals at this really nice Italian restaurant in the city, and the food was really good! I got three refills so I could get my moneys worth and after we got done we took some pictures in a target parking lot (quirky I know). Now we're just at my friends house doing presentations; my friend is currently presenting because I'm going last. I finally got on here after this whole day and wondered why it was so dead, but then I realized that it's literally 1 am and every reasonable person would be asleep by now, at least this side of the globe. I myself am very tired and struggling to stay awake, but when it comes to friends I try to do my best to not ruin the fun. It has been a fun day overall and I'm glad I got to do a lot :) Time to present!
Your pal, Incognito girl
Dear diary,

Today was a fun day of sorts. I wore open toed shoes in rainy/snowy weather (because planning ahead with my clothes has never been my strong suit) and I spent the afternoon "doing homework", which means I half did homework and I half watch twitch streams. Overall it was a good day, I put sparkles on my black nails and I went to bible study. Right now we're going through Genesis, and one of the people we talked about is Melchizedek. Interesting guy, really threw me for a loop at first with the whole "no parents" thing mentioned about him in Hebrews.
I digress, it has been a long day but also not much has happened. It's kind of strange how this site has just randomly died; the past week this site has been booming, but these past couple days have just been very inactive. I know people have lives outside of the internet, it's just weird that it changed so abruptly. Then again, good for everyone that they're living in the real world instead of on the internet, maybe I should try it sometime!
I was also thinking about how it's so weird to be an average person. I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way either! If we walked by each other on the street you wouldn't even give me a second look, and I probably wouldn't give you one either. It's just funny how we all just get online and hang out on the forums but we're all real people with real lives. When people aren't posting here they're going out living normal lives that will probably never cross yours, or if they do you wouldn't know. Just some silly stuff. When I let myself think too long I always think deep or though-provoking ideas, maybe that's why I constantly busy myself so I'm distracted.
Tomorrow will be busy but I know it'll be good. I have to go to school in-person, but at least I'll get to see my friends Makayla and Rebecca so that always boosts my spirits :) then I'll get to cadet with my friend Ella at the junior high choir class, kinda sad she's graduating this year. These are all fake names by the way, thought I should clarify that. I'm saying their fake names on purpose to kind of introduce them as "characters". Makayla is really sassy and talks a lot, Rebecca is really down-to-earth but sarcastic, and Ella is just really funny. Those are all the characters you'll need to know for now, besides Mom, Dad, Brother #1, and Brother #2.
Well, it's kind of late and I need to go to bed. Goodnight, TCaS users!
Your pal, Incognito girl
Dear Diary,
AHHHHH I could literally rant about everything going on in my life right now from A to Z but that would be way too long I think. It kinda sucks too because I feel like there's not a single person I tell absolutely everything to, with my other friends I just try to rant a little bit to each person to even it out and not seem like I'm constantly talking, or there are friends that I can't tell certain things to because it involves them and/or I know they'd react poorly. I don't know, I feel like people trust me with so many secrets and drama. It's like I morally can't tell any one person every single thing because that would be breaking other people's trust, and sometimes it feels overwhelming because I see connections between secrets or I know two sides to the same argument but I can't say anything to either party or it would be way chaotic. That's not to say I tell people's secrets, I know that most things people tell me are for my ears only, I just mean things happening to me in my life. Every once in a while I'll journal about it or write poetry, but it's nothing consistent. Besides, paper can't give you feedback the way a real person can. Oh well, I can always carry on the way I always have, it just gets lonely in my head sometimes, that's all. Not to mention that I overthink about everything at 1000 miles an hour to the point I feel detached from life, but that's another story! (insert passive aggressive emoji here) To conclude, I've had so much energy lately I could probably run 10 miles screaming at the top of my lungs if I didn't have these awful shin splints. Life is fun but also interesting, which it's about time honestly. The only downside is that I can sense a lot of emotional turmoil in my future which sucks. "I can feel it in my knees..." The last time I had a part of my life like this was a long time ago but I remember it was not fun, hopefully I'll make it out alive! If you read this far, thank you :)
Your pal, Incognito girl
Dear diary,
I wish my crush liked me back. She doesn't.
Sincerely, Samsung23.
dear diary,

today was an uneventful day

really not much else to say

i guess we got pizza hut for dinner

i think that happened

man other people seem to be leading much more eventful lives than me

ah hah



sincerely, saelabousy
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