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Gratitude is great because it doesn't rely on our mood. You can feel bad and still have an intention or awareness of gratitude.

Today I'm grateful for a chair to sit on.
i'm grateful a friend of mine played minecraft with me today

he spent a long ass time trying to set it up and troubleshoot

and i haven't played minecraft with a friend in forever

super kind of him.
That's awesome, good friends and minecraft go together like milk and cereal.
I am so grateful to God above for the many blessings that I have in my life. He has lead me through hard times. Shown me what it is it to appreciate the little things. When I look at my children I see all that is good in this world. I know that this world is not kind but I find peace in God and hope that all things will work out in the end.
That's awesome, Sunshine.

Today I am grateful for a chair to sit in.
I'm grateful for my cat giving me boops with her head.
I'm grateful 1 person would take time out of their day to watch my stream today.
I am so grateful to God for my beautiful children
im grateful for running water

and also that it tastes good

can you imagine if water didn't taste good but you had to drink it anyways? that'd suck
Oo, these are great gratitudes.

I'm grateful for electricity.
pheo check your gallery
Cracked, did you make that?
no i used eric's converter

also i'm trying to come up with as many embarrassing stories from my past as i can think of tonight

just to see how far i've come as a person, you know?
you guys are the first people i feel like i can be myself around and i honestly cannot thank you enough for that
im grateful that im not particularly self conscious of my physical appearance
i'm grateful for my desklamp that illuminates my textbook when no one else will
I'm grateful for ground that holds my feet up.
pheo!!!!! you're back!!!! i missed you so much!
:D thanks titan, grateful you're here and some other familiar faces. Just thought I'd come visit and see how everyone is doing.
I'm grateful for music and its ability to make me feel feelings of joy.
I'm grateful hydration and electrolytes.
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