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School incidents.

Today, we had a storm and my Algebra teacher just had to mention that there was severe weather and our school was built in 1937. Then we heard thunder. Ooooo. Spooky.
this was a while ago, but our teacher once asked a student to translate "不久"

he mumbled it, to which the teacher asked him to repeat it louder.

he did so, only to be met with a second student replying with "that's what she said"

it was funny to me
a kid in my school called another kid the n word

then my (white) teacher asked 'why did you just say the (full on n word)'

everybody stared at her like :0
Oh no.
Scoggles said:
Oh no.

can you guess that she didnt even get in trouble

one time in sixth grade i was talking to my friend while running, i looked at her and told her to make sure she didnt run into the pole and speeded up, i ran into the pole... head on..
i heard this from word of mouth because i just so happened to be, like, the only kid in the counselor's office while this happened. (how unfortunate is that?)

at the end of lunch, our principal apparently got really mad at everyone for something like being too rowdy or making a mess or something like that. she said something along the lines of "i pick up my trash like a decent human being," went to pick up a piece of trash, tossed it into the trash bin, and missed. people were laughing at her behind her back for a while after that.
One time, I was sitting in class and doing my work. It starts to smell like rotten egg. I say something along the lines of "Did someone just crap themselves?" Then the alarms started going off. A gas leak was apparently happening, so we got ourselves outside, and then waited.

We waited for 3 hours.

Turns out, there was no gas leak in our school. It was just the wind blowing around some dirt around the gas plant where there had been a leak a month before.

And the funny thing is, this happened for 4 other schools in the area. The same thing.
One time, my biology teacher brought in her Venus Flytrap because she wanted to show us a bug get eaten? Well, she did. And she showed us after we did our daily 10-minutes of warm-up.

She took out a fcking jar full of insects and used tweezers to take out a bug. She plopped that thing right in the plant and the whole class watched intently as it closed shut and tightened. It was cool.

And the lid to the jar never got shut.

So you know what happened.

The flies and bugs inside all flew out and we realized it too late. Now, I'm in a new classroom this year but its literally in the same building as that room. So now I'm afraid that there's a colony of insect species living in the very building I'm learning how to do speeches.

Why did she have to bring a jar of live insects? Stupid woman.
One time my science teacher who doesn't like when someone sleeps in her class, one kid slept in her class and was the first and only one before in my science teacher's 21 years of experience. So she didn't like that and the kid snored loudly and the class got distracted then the my science teacher got an idea (prank). She pulled out her phone, took a picture of that kid and printed thousands of sheets out and with the help of the rest of the class, the class managed to put all the pictures of the kid snoring on the wall and all four walls of the classroom. (it took about 30 min to do all of that) then my science teacher woke up that student and almost instantly, the student got really embarrassed and won't ever sleep in her class again.

Although I do think my science teacher does a lot of fun things: power microscopes, experiments, projects, Virtual Reality(V.R.: yes she actually has a whole package of those) and she collects a bunch of REAL animal bones and even got a dinosaur bone. She also has these shelves filled up with bottles of toxic gas and real eyeballs (IDK why) and she warns all of us not to open it. Also does a bunch of dry ice experiments that made some people scared when she closed the cap on the flask and it exploded and flew across the classroom.

(this is REAL)
just can't believe how fun it is
In 4th grade, yes 4th grade, A LONG TIME AGO, my Science/Math teacher had done an experiment with us to show phase change. Science was gonna need to end soon, so we left the burner that was turning water into gas. We moved on the learning some math. Soon enough, we started smelling burning. And she stopped teaching the math and rushed to the burner, which by now, was fcking steaming. So she took the burner and ran out the classroom, out the hallway building, and to the playground. And dumped that smoking water on the playground. It was chaos. The other teachers came out after they had heard our class apparently screaming "IT'S BURNING!!!" and thought there was a fire in the building.

Funny Funny.
Our entire school got sent home early because there had been a H2S leak at a refinery. I don't know what happened with that in the rest of the city but nobody at school ever noticed any smell.
When I was in elementary school this kid kicked me in the balls “on accident”
Carelessness ought to be punishable.
Can water burn?
if there exists a film of fuel above it, i guess
Today: Took 2 WHOLE MINUTES to upload my assignment to Google Classroom, and ended up 48 seconds late. My teacher is VERY strict and will probably say that's late and give me a 0. (Maybe this doesn't really count as an incident)
dude, that sucks.
Thankfully it's one of those rare moments and she still gave me full score...
that's nice.
this happened like last week but a comedy special i watched just now got me thinking about it again
anyways cringiest thing i've witnessed in the longest time. the theatre teacher had us do this activity where we ask our partner where they most want to be and why and we would have to describe it to the class. one student is like i wanna go to the netherlands because lots of things are allowed there [heavily implied prostitution laws in the netherlands] which is very obviously not something you should say in freaking school and yeah the teacher did his darndest to get off that topic as quickly as possible and i swear the very next fucking dickhead was like "i wanna go to germany" and since he was going to school virtually from home he didn't have a partner so the teacher was like "oh why?" because that was the activity we were doing and this kid deadass said "cause i'm a dirty je-" and the teacher really fuckin cut him off mid sentence

that kind of the tension in the atmosphere of that classroom rose by 300% it was so fucking uncomfortable and the teacher was like "whoa whoa you can't say that shit" i'm paraphrasing but god was that a painful thing to have to sit through. like what thought process do you have to have to say something like that. sorry if i'm being ignorant or something i'm neither german nor jewish but i personally still found the experience really uncomfortable.
how about a funny story to lighten the mood. we were in middle school science class we were doing some biology shit and we were sort of working in groups and shit so it was pretty lax and obviously being the loner loser i was i was by myself again. some girls tried to come up to talk to me probably cause they saw i was in a corner being a lonely fuck and took some pity on my or some shit. they talked about something something not really important shit but dropped a real fuckin bombshell. they asked me if there was anyone i liked and up to this point a girl talking to me is a very 1 in a thousand type situation so as expected i got flustered as fuck cause this is not a question i get asked often, least of all out of the blue like this. i managed to stammer out "deoxyribonucleic acid" cus it was relevant to our notes at that point in time and was the first thing that came to mind and she replied "she's a hottie" (in reference to my response of DNA) and bro that was funny as hell bro. really freaking funny response and i chuckle about it to this day.
i'm glad i stopped trying to be the funny kid/class clown in pursuit of a more depressive personality. looking back on the times i tried to be funny in middle school in particular (because i had just moved there, i knew no one, and i was trying to create an identity for myself) man was that cringy as hell looking back. i pretty much wholly switched to depression all day every day don't talk to anyone keep your head down and low and talk to no one whenever possible by 8th grade. suited me a lot better than falling flat on my face with every attempt to be outgoing because that just resulted in me being an annoying as fuck person to deal with.
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