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Something you need to do today, or tomorrow, or this week.

Feed my cats
i need to pee
I need to focus on class
take two quizzes
answer hundreds of questions on IXL and STUDY!!! because state tests and EOC is happening in two weeks
I have to study for the fuck ton of tests I have in Geometry soon.
i finished my csp quiz

now i have the math one left

i think i'll do the quiz review first
I have to do 3 missing assignments.

Well, 2 now.
2 theatre assignments

i should be able to knock them out within the half hour
I need to do english homework
e-bag said:
I have to do 3 missing assignments.

Haha. Only three?

21 Assignments. I need to do 21 assignments by Friday. Time to break out the coke.

I'm probably going to get my acceptance letter rescinded.
Which type of coke? 😏
if anyone is hella good at algebra 2 pls pm me im stuck as hell and the end of the quarter rapidly approaches

You could try this thread if you have any specific questions; I or others could probably help you there.
7 AP BC Calculus assignments done in 7-and-a-half hours. I should not procrastinate this much
okay so i need to take tomorrow to study so i need to finish everything that's due tonight

i already did most of it

all that's left is a quiz review, the quiz itself, 2 csp lessons, a discussion, and an app lab.

why study when you could be making music?

i spent 2 hours on beepbox today :3
Starting Wednesday, I get a week and a half of testing. Yay.

Enthusiastic yay.
ap cramming i'm not doing is crawling on my back
Hehe. I have four art assignments I need to do before testing starts and I don’t even know how to use oil pastels well enough since I’m am one of the few who decided to keep doing online school for the whole year except for the aforementioned testing where I have to go to school because... you know... risk of cheating.
licky, if you were a pokemon, you would be this one.
licky, if you were a pokemon, you would be this one.

Should that be offending?
Am I talking too much? Hmmmmm????
well, i thought it was funny...
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