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just, tell me about your day

so far, i have gone to school and this girl said hi to me in the bathroom... or so i thought.. turns out she was on the phone

very awk interraction

i said hi back btw
So now I have a title.

"Jealous about titles"

Should I be happy?
Do you like your title?
I deserved it.
But do you like it?
my day blows

i added too much peanut butter and now my room reeks of it

plus my alarm didn't wake me up

plus i ran out of tissues again because of frickin allergies

plus plus i got a splitting headache despite getting like 6 and a half whole hours of sleep
W_Licky said:
I deserved it.

i like ur title
i want one sm
is this another ligma
no i genuinely want a title......
not everything is dn
is sm short for sugma?

i'm on to you, keara...
sm means so much you dummies
my stomach keeps growling in class dhjdfklg


high school is hell
very much indeed

and it sucks even more when you don't have any people there :/

the girl i usually eat lunch with isn't here, and my class usually eats on the bleachers with their friend groups

and whenever i have to eat by myself on the bleachers it makes me feel really lonely and anxious, so even tho im super hungry, im probably not gonna eat
last sememster i had an eight percent because i had no motivation

which is totally my fault

but now that im in school and want to learn, all my teachers do is give us time fillers like playing memorization games without actually teaching

idk the last time i took notes
W_Licky said:
So now I have a title.

"Jealous about titles"

Should I be happy?

I didn't know there were titles. Yours could be worse
sent the ban appeal earlier today. anxiously waiting to hear back from the mod team.
You were banned?
yeah. about 4 months ago.
So how come youre posting now!?
I think he means from Discord.
no he was banned from what sounds like an art website
my day was bad but god damn it i'm not gonna let that keep me down.
just took an important SOL (standard of learning) test

i feel like i either failed or passed with a low passing score

i then hid inside the bathroom until the next bell
barely holding up

i'm so caught up in the everything

really hope this blows over soon

plus getting 3 hours of sleep last night was a suboptimal play
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