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Kylljoy said:
how to choose a university to want to attend
how to balance homework and life
how to improve self-esteem and confidence
how to be on this website

1. Purdue. I should be the only motivation you need to attend.
2. Homework first and life second. Build healthy schedules, such as studying for thirty minutes and then taking a break for tend.
3. Be confident that there is nobody like you, Titan. And find small things to be proud of each day.
4. I dunno man, I've been here almost four years and I still have no friggin clue what I'm doing.

you joke (you might not actually be joking) but i actually have to apply for colleges soon and i will have to ask my parents on counsel for applying to purdue

what is purdue

by life i meant mostly sleep. but the amount i sleep and the amount i procrastinate on homework are inversely proportional

i'll try to be proud of myself i guess
what is purdue

Verbatim what I said when I applied.

(We're a top engineering and science university, and one of the biggest ag schools globally. Which is funny because nobody has ever fucking heard of us despite being a top ten pick for engineering. We have some of the oldest engineering programs in the country and the original CS program. And a kick-ass basketball team. A decent football team. We're good at sports, too.)

Neal Armstrong and Amelia Earhart (among others) are two of our most famous graduates.
I don’t remember much about my day besides struggling to say a simple sentence and instead mumbling “English is hard” and having a bunch of people agree with me. I forgot when, where, and who, but it happened.
your response was appreciated, potato

I'm glad it helped.
My whole day has been occupied by this transcript I'm doing and I still have 24 minutes out of the 67 total minutes left to go. It has taken me a day and a bit to get this far and I feel like my eyeballs are bleeding out of their sockets at this point. This is the admin I do not like 💀
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and my bestfriend and other friend confessed to me. We broke up because he was trying to pressure me into sucking his pp and I have trauma from being molested when I was younger, I don't feel particularly upset about breaking up despite being together nine months and I'm unsure how to feel about it. And about my friends, Idk what to do, how do I reject someone and still manage a good friendship w them. Me and my ex are still friends despite the breakup and our convos are funny, but I'm still waiting for his anger towards me to form, because that's natural in all breakups.
Kylljoy said:
(We're a top engineering and science university, and one of the biggest ag schools globally. Which is funny because nobody has ever fucking heard of us despite being a top ten pick for engineering.

It's funny to me every time you say something like this just because I can't imagine not knowing about Purdue.
I dunno. Maybe it's a midwest thing.

I might also be an idiot.
My young sister gets one of those "your phone/computer has a virus, download this totally legit antivirus" popups while browsing the web. Then the rest of my family goes an a big tirade about it. Note that the tirade was not about her downloading the scamware, but it was about the "alert". Fun
what were they saying about the alert?
your response was appreciated, potato


learned passive and active voice (again) in english class

i um

am so motherflipping tired right now

like for real for real

i want to crawl into bed and not emerge for another 24 hours

but this mother


ginormous fucking history homework is stomping on my hopes and dreams of being well rested for tomorrow

and it hurts my soul

send help
Least it's not as bad as my surprise 7% in geometry!

Was gone the day of the test, went to take it after school, ended up only taking half. Teacher split the test into 2 halves when it's usually stapled together, so I thought I took all of it. It's the only summative thing in the gradebook. Not that big of a deal, really, I just need to get it done tomorrow after school.
aprzn123 said:
what were they saying about the alert?

they were going on and on about how my sister shouldn’t click shady links and all that safety stuff and I’m just listening in and thinking “oh my gosh it’s just one pop up”
Dropping friends is hard, but when you continue to be friends with someone shitty through ignorance, then you're a shitty person.
i wouldnt be so quick to judge

what prompted this?
Students from my school have been taking photos of maggots in their lunch food, and it makes me sick to my stomach, I packed lunch for today last night and forgot to bring it, I think I can last until four pm to eat it's just that I know my stomach will definitely awkwardly growl when it can. I have a huge tumbler of coffee though, so maybe it won't be so bad
i wouldnt be so quick to judge

what prompted this?

There's this dude that used to message me Pervy things alot and one time he was telling me about how he was masturbating to his (12) little sisters underwear while he was doing it and I screenshotted it and sent it to his mom (he was grounded for a day)

There's this dude that I've been hanging around this past school year and I sat with him at lunch, only then did I notice he was talking to the Pervy dude. Which is understandable, he didnt know about it. I told him about it and how sick it made me feel and he shrugged and the next day he cut in line to me during lunch and then invited the Pervy dude to come too. Knowing how uncomfortable he made me, so, idk, I think I'm just gonna drop the friend

Edit- this sister masturbating incident was at the most a year ago last summer, and I can assure you with the way I've heard the perv is messaging other girls, he hasn't changed. I know in some occasions people think it's ok but he's almost eighteen and he's dating someone who just turned fourteen aswell
sorry im just now seeing this and i think youre justified in your opinion that guys a creep
4 day weekend woohoo!

why is it a four day weekend
Veteran's Day, what a good time to be living the US
we dont get veterans day off
We also do not get veterans day off.
Nor I
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