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Sit in a corner and talk about your feelings.
there are 2 or 3 threads that already exist that accomplish the exact same purpose

including but not limited to:
the moods and feelings thread
the describe your pain thread
the emotions thread
etc etc there are a bunch more

congrats on the big 100 tofuhound
I’m not finished talking.

This is the thread where others will solve those problems. Before they get bad. Since this site has been getting toxic lately. I just want a place for people to get advice on what would be a good idea or not.
Wew I’m glad I have no trouble on this site. I like to help others resolve their conflicts.
you remind me of another guy named iwillsaveyou or something like that
I shouldn't be here, I should be doing my project
this woman here
I shouldn't be here, I should be doing my project

same though
I'm still here
Can I help in some way? The library is quiet today.
Some tips to stop procrastinating would help unless they don't help
Has this site become toxic?
I wouldn't say so
neither would I

the threads are getting locking because there are just so many duplicates
Yup. Thread locked because there's already a thread for discussing your feelings. Various threads, even.

For general moods and feelings, I recommend this thread. And if you're feeling more lovey-dovey you can always look around the Relationships and stuff category. Thread locked.
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