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It's so sad that there won't be barely any people on when they turn in their Chromebooks. This website is fun and I will try to use it during summer.
I'll be here and there.
I’ve declared myself dead on this site but I’ll still pop in occasionally.
My summer break is in July, but I still have ownership of a laptop, so hopefully I’ll still be active.
Yeah, I still have my school laptop too. I'm on here, like, once a week now.
till next time guys!
i'll check my messages occasionally but not so often
bye to everyone who's leaving!
I haven’t had my school computer four two weeks now and I’m very active considering how I use an old iPhone 6s.
I'll still come and go. Been here like 12 years. Not like to leave until the site dies.
dude you just introduced yourself and you were registered in 2018 what are you taaaalking about

is this another thing about you and sunshine dust?
This is like my 10th account. I've been around since like 2009-10, back when the forum was positively BUSY.
Why did you switch accounts instead of staying on the same one the whole time?
Usually, I'd just get tired of the name.
I cannot for the life of me remember your original username. I suppose I will now perish.
I think it was SatelliteMind.

Edit: I'm gonna try to remember them all.
Did you make a list?
Wasn't the original one just J-Rob? SatelliteMind was the longest running
It was jrob18mvp. Satellite Mind was the most prolific. Chet Manly was the longest running because I just wasn't around much for 3 years.

I remember these:
Randy Randleman
Lucid Dreams
Chet Manly
The Intangible Fancy

Not in order.
Add this one to the list.
i'm running out of fucking follow slots, bro
That should help.
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