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Hey if Titanlord can have one, why shouldn't I

You recall how how xXPastel_PinkXx and W_Licky a few months ago were arguing about bean juice

What did they mean, like in the juice that comes in a can of beans or coffee, can one of you explain
hahaha ok broncoboy

i think the coffee bean juice tastes better

because who the fudge goes around drinking the packing liquid for beans thats not a beverage thats just gross
Well, if it's the can juice, xXPastel_PinkXx apperently
That's messed up, The Cheat. That gunk is ill.
I prefer hot cocoa
It was pink pastel who started the bean juice. I had no clue what she was saying. It was just random.
I actually own image #21515 and it was sent to me by W_Licky, it is just blank

what's significant about that number?

also it took me fucking forever to get to fantina's gym
You ever wonder why we are here

Why we're on this site

Were we led here by our curiosity?
Yeah, I mean, people only type asdfjkl; when they're bored.

Then, asdfjkl; leads us here.
you spelled it wrong both times

i'm on this site because it scratches an itch for interaction and gratification for me

and y'all are my friends and so i like hanging out with y'all
What do you mean?
i'm on this site because i enjoy my time here

though i've been unfollowing a few threads here and there

i was spending an unhealthy amount of time here over the summer and i'm taking a sort of break
No, I meant how I spelt them wrong.
I know, but are we here by choice, were we called here, or are we forced to be here against our wills
I know I forced CT to join against his will, but I came here out of curiocity.
I know, but are we here by choice, were we called here, or are we forced to be here against our wills

like, spiritually?

is this an anime?
Uh... *Japanese music starts*
So I get to have my second covid shot tomorrow and I heard it makes you feel terrible AF the next day, any advice?

Also I will be offline for a few so I wont be able to see it till i get back
When I got my second dose, it was mostly sore and a lil' fever. That was it.
It's not that bad. A little more pain than the first one but drink lots of water and don't do anything that makes the pain worse. It's fine. I've already had my second shot in late July.
i was more sore than ive been in several years

but i mean it's just soreness a lot of people had it worse

its just that my second covid shot's happened to fall right after my ap exam and the day before my final essay for english's deadline was on so yeah that wasnt a fun night
Interesting fact: If Antagonist had an alt, it would be a minor antagonist
It's actually just antagonist backwards.
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