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Announcement to Titan

stop breaking the forums for one day and sleep

geewee ok sure
Finished my essay revisions; here's the link.

Edit: eek ok nvm u didn't see it

play bonk

if you want

or not
I'm still in school.

my youtube channel has once again been made public on my profile

check it out if you like hearing the sound of my voice pre-puberty
"Mm. Delicious" -Titanlord
im worried what video you watched in order to get that quote

i hope announcing this doesn't turn out to be a huge mistake
The egg shitpost got a good chuckle from me.

these are my new favorite candy
id ask you out if i could
Who was that directed to?

Flattered, but you're not my type. Oh and I'm taken too.
thats why i said if i could 😢
the joke is the idea of being in a relationship grosses me the fuck out right now

not interested. was flirting for the hell of it. hope you dont take it too personally @poodonkus
announcement to stripes

evil penis is real and at your door
Announcement to Stripes

I am one again asking if you're okay
announcement to BroncoBoy18


Stripes, have you committed any crimes recently?

ebag, no i have not but ive been thinking about it. soon
why are yall encouraging stripes to be a criminal
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