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i love you all
love you too
im dying

not actually but I'm dying of embarrassment
ok, I died

ooga booga
100 posts, huh? Nice.
I died again and the day just started

let's be friends, please
Announcement to Fatty the fat guy in response to your bio:

"Yes I am"
An announcement:

I don't have to be lying when I wear a top hat in my online personas. I own a top hat in real life now. This is a bigger success for me than you think.

And, it's not just some stupid tall fedora. It's a real top hat. I'm so happy.

Crash files can now be run on all embedded Unix systems. This is how I choose to spend my time instead of doing formal proofs for CS.

Yes, I know nobody fucking cares. Still. Feels like an achievement.
I'm going to say this as a blanket statement because I'm seeing more miscommunications as younger users become braver about the topics they discuss or joke about throughout the forum.

If you can't handle the consequences of discussing mature themes, don't discuss mature themes.

I encourage our younger users to review the following:
Site Rules
Terms of Service

Everyone has their own baggage and will be affected in different ways to various themes. Please be mindful of this.

Not out here trying to be the fun police. By all means, jokes about mature themes if you want. Just be aware you aren't saying these things in a vacuum 👍

Edit: This includes being mindful of yourself and what you can and cannot handle. We're meant to be posting as mature adults and mature adults do discuss mature themes.
oh no what happened
Nothing in particular has occurred.
I just recognise that many of you are exploring mature themes, which is an okay and normal thing to do. I thought it might be a well timed reminder 😊
thanks kuko i like how mature you are

in the good way
I still think of you as Jest.
Doll or Jest is fine 😊

Also, so as not to be misconstrued, discussions on sex, sex work, porn, and substance use or mis-use are pretty normal topics.
If you find you can't handle these topics, don't engage in their discussion.

let's be friends, please

i never saw this ohboy. unless you don't mean me i just saw bug and i assumed uhhhh
you're the only bug that i know of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
me too, thats good.
also yes i consider us friends. sorry i didn't see that sooner
Remembering that time someone got mad at me here for speaking about age regression - I assume they thought I was too young to speak about it.

Figure maybe they thought it was a fetish thing. It's not. It's a coping mechanism that an ex of mine uses to handle trauma.
bug said:

also yes i consider us friends. sorry i didn't see that sooner

no worries. that makes me happy :)
yay im glad
also i like your avatar, is that an emily is away reference? if not i don't know. like i know what blink182 is but uhhh it just reminds me of emily is away
i can't believe i've worn this avatar for literally 3 years and i finally put it back on after several months of not wearing it and you immediately know where it's from

holy moley enormous kudos to you for getting the reference

like literally no one else has pointed that out before you

edit: that's seriously awesome, bug. major props.
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