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Same for us dorks here in Missouri, but with snow. How?
thanks for the warning
Same for us dorks here in Missouri, but with snow. How?

snow 🥺🥺🥺

I want snow. instead it was sunny at around 6° instead and there wasnt a cloud in the sky
That sounds like a beautiful day.
I prefer clouds to clear skies, but not clouds blocking the sun
So you like it to be perfectly cloudy so you can't see the sky but you are still being absolutely blinded?
lol nope. I like those big stratocumulus clouds that look like that because at sunset some parts of the cloud turns orangey pink and it looks so pretty. it also looks nice at daytime anyway

uhh I dont know how to change the size of the image
Ok the clouds turning orange is cool to look at, but I still hate the sun
Ladies, gentlemen, captains and sailors, I have an announcement.

It brings me an extreme amount of anguish and sadness to announce:

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Sex 2 has been canceled.

I am so sorry.
wow i never even got to watch the first one
Should I get a sex change to [null]?
Check for constraints in case you can't change it later.

The phrase "horse cock" is not blocked on Tomodachi Life.



i announce: there is a place in georgia called butts. not a joke. it is real. in alabama there is also a place called ballplay. look it up. in pencilvania theres even a place called intercourse. funny city names
@bronco, stripes, bug

thanks for being my friends, guys.

@telegram chat

sorry for how i acted and the circumstances of my departure.


i love you all.
I believe Nu Metal to be not great. Know this, and remember this.
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