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Say goodnight when you are logging off for the night here. Feel free to pester your friends to go to sleep

Anyway, goodnight!

Hope tomorrow is better than today!

(Titan, go to bed)
Well, I suppose it's my bedtime. I figure most people on here are ahead of me timezone wise (I'm Pacific Time, or Los Angeles time). Good night everyone!
Looks like everyone is awake.
Just barely, I'm nodding off
Night, also I love your pfp
Gn, Samsung!

it's actually morning right now, I'd better scatter
mmm im taking the psat tomorrow

should get some sleep

mmm for the test


Hey same Titan! Good luck, good night!
Night night.
Goodnight everyone else. I'll be sleeping once I get my project done within 2 hours.
Night my fellow comrades
Nighty night, everyone! Sweet dreams!
good luck on your psat today caveat
Thanks, you too.
Good night!!!

see y'all tomorrow, i guess
Good night, my friend!

I hope everyone is or gets a restful sleep!
What do you mean by

I hope everyone is a restful sleep?
Well, I'm clearly tired. I hope everyone is asleep or gets a restful one.
No matter where you are in the US, it's late. Get some sleep. Enjoy your weekend.

Or Canada, for p0tat0.

G'night, everyone.
thank you ebag. as soon as this chapter's notes are done

<3 😘 buenas noches, todos
i actually really like this thread

anyways lemme get my math homework finished and i'll head to sleep so as to not fuck up my circadian rhythm for the school day on monday

Well, the weekend comes to a close and so shall I...close my eyes.

Good night everyone!