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i scare my dog with fart noises
i'm sorry to hear that, acky
But what about real farts?
i thought that's what they meant
I think "Fart noises" implies that they are not real farts, but rather, fake farts.
farts make fart noises 🙄

cmon ebag
How could I be so foolish?
youre telling me your farts dont sound like ABDBF#F#EABDBEEDC#B?
PoikiChoi said:

oh, fuck this lmao
i have never seen you swear before aprzn
huh, I guess I mostly do it to myself. I've almost definitely done it somewhere on the forum, though. It's mostly reserved for rickrolls and the Game (which you've just lost, by the way).
should i just go ahead and make an alternate account
this is a serious account im using but i would like to have a shitpost account where i can talk about butts
its anonymous talk about butts all you want

i shitpost to high heaven on my main

im horny on main actually so truly do whatever you want on here man
WOAH really?

time to be horny on main for furries (i like furries)

edit: oopsie poopsie! shouldn't have said this
say it i dont really care one way or the other

furries are cool

you are also cool
i know right
should i just go ahead and make an alternate account

You should wait and get an alt around 300 posts

also hi bronco ok bye bronco