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Rants, rants, rants.
Rant about happy things.
Rant about sad things.
Rant about angry things.
Rant about anything that makes you feel strong emotion.
I'll start.

Hooray, yippie, doopdie-doo. I'm best friends with the most wonderful person in the world, Mucka Blucka.
Martin's just so great. He makes me so happy. There are sometimes where I just want to hug him tight and never let go. Martin and I have such similar personalities, too. Sometimes, when we have our little sleepovers, we cuddle and watch some Family Guy, or South Park, or whatever. And doing that makes me giddy, simply ecstatic. There was one night where we had some other friends over (who don't know I'm trans and just think I'm a cis boy) and we were so close with each other that they called us gay. Gay! You hear that! I passed the test! Yippie! Whoop-die-doodles! Yar har har! And good golly, Martin has a slightly Aussie-American accent that brings warmth to my heart whenever I hear it.
You know, it's just total coincidence that our names sound so similar. He was born as Martin and I changed mine to Marvin years ago when I had the whole trans-awakening thing, which was a long time ago before being trans was trendy.
Some things I will say about Martin:
  • he is very kind
  • he is the type of person who is completely fine with hugging all the time
  • he likes video games (I do too)
  • he has just caused me to type the longest rant I ever will type

In short, Martin is the greatest ever of all time.
That's a heartwarming rant to read.
thank you for making this

I will come back here many times, dont you worry
This ranting thread should be for everyone to rant in so there isn't any more clogging the forum.
That's what I made it for.
Well then, I am heavily procrastinating right now. I have so much time this class period because there is nothing to do, and here I am, trying so hard to make another forum game just to decide not to do it at all and now I've wasted half an hour doing something that never came to fruition when I could have been doing my homework right now. I have over an hour of videos to watch, Quizlets to finish, textbooks to highlight, charts to fill out, and a project to do. All within this week and all of that is from one class.
disclaimer: my thoughts are often everywhere and i cannot keep a train of thought for longer than 5 minutes. enjoy.

i really need to take a break from and adjust my binder, and that's fine, i can just go to a bathroom and do it. except i cant. first of all, the bathrooms at this school are all fucked up, as in, the girls bathrooms are open on one floor and only in certain buildings, and the same for the boys bathrooms. i have no clue where any open bathrooms are, and i dont want to embarrass myself while looking.
my next point, am i allowed to use the boys bathroom??? do i pass enough?? (the answer is no). i dont know if im allowed or if its safe to use the boys bathroom, and i certainly dont want to be seen going into the girls bathroom. sure, the school is big and modern and says they support lgbtq+, but im still frightened of the dozens of students at this damned school who'll tear me apart if they find im trans. im nervous just thinking about it. the slurs they'll sling, the intentional misgendering (which i already get enough of, jeez), the dysphoria! its all fucked. anyway, this guy came over and sat down really close to me, then all his friends came over, too. my personal space is missing.
I'm sorry to hear that, Stripes. I would try to help out in this situation, but I don't know how because I don't have a binder.
its okay marvin im at home now the binder is off. if you ever want one i hope you get one soon and i hope its perfect
I certainly do want one more than I want to cuddle my best friend right now (which is a lot), but don't have the bravery or willingness to come out yet.
as long as your safe then you can come out whenever comfortable. also, assuming your best friend knows (and assuming you have the money), you can always order one and have it sent to your friends house, then they can keep it safe until you can go get it, yknow?
My parents like to go through my search history, and Martin's parents check it even more for him.

But that is a good idea. I know this one guy in real life who's (probably) out to his parents, and his parents don't care about search history. Maybe I could order it from his device, and make the purchase I pay for make more sense.

Either that or Plan B.
you could always delete your search history. probably.

plan B...
The device I use never really deletes it, it just hides it. My parents always find a way.

Plan B? Drop hints about being trans until they start assuming.
plan B sounds like a good way to start. see how they react to the little hints, instead of the big thing all at once

I wanna go homeeeeeeee
stripes said:
plan B sounds like a good way to start. see how they react to the little hints, instead of the big thing all at once

Update to Plan B: I made a little gay joke to my parents last night and they were ok with it. Sweet. It's not coming out, but it's something.
hello. another rant, because i often have lots to say.

oh man, i hate my 6th period class. so much. its a computers class, yknow, using Microsoft Excel and stuff. that wouldnt be such a big deal if it wasn't so boring. the entire room sits in silence with the only noises being the typing, clicking, and the teacher occasionally yelling at kids to get off their phones.
the teacher is so mean, too. she always talks mean with honey-sweet words, and whenever a kid tries to explain something to her, she refuses to let them speak and keeps speaking over them. she hates being corrected. and if she assigns something other than the usual Microsoft Excel or Word, then her instructions are so unclear i hardly know what to do, and if I ask, she complains that she just explained it and that I have no respect. its the class i dread the most. it makes me want to sleep or just do literally ANYTHING else, but if im not working on my assignments for every second of the class, she threatens to send me to the dean's office! i like algebra more, and thats saying a lot, because i hate algebra.
Well, she must have power issues.

At least 6th hour is over now.
G'night. Not really going to sleep, but I get to cuddle with Martin now so I'll be gone.

Think about the Angola flag for me, lads.

Seeya tomorrow!

Alright, Muck had to go with his mom to do some work in the basement so here I am.

I feel like I miss Martin already now.
He's just the best cuddler ever. I wish I could hold him in my arms every night. Then again, having that special opportunity every night could make it less special.
In fact, just thinking about him makes me feel safe, no matter where I am. I don't know why. I don't think I'll ever know why I feel so strongly about how special Muck is. But, what I do know, is that I'm happy with however I feel. I will always care about Martin above everything else. I think he's coming back soon, so I should cut this rant short. I can't wait for him to come back.
I had a rant, posted it, and then saw how long it was. Too long for a rant. Maybe a short essay, but not a rant. Although, if anyone actually wants to read it, you can see it here.

Warning, though, it's, like, 2 pages long.
i would like to see it you don't mind if not that's ok i am just curious
Got it, Bug. I'll send you a PM.
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