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I do too.

In two ways.
Chicken with Honey BBQ and mild dipping sauce on the side. Add way more salt and pepper than necessary. Use the McCormick peppercorn grinder, change the setting to coarse, and grind away. Unbelievably, undeniably, unrighteously delicious.

...Not ducks, by the way. Just normal chicken.
Light meat or dark meat?
I do too.

In two ways.

Why so dirty, nephew acky?
It wasn't dirty. I happen to have a romance with a chicken-woman.
why are you barfing and then promptly after rolling your eyes
You're just jealous.
Digestive tracts.
: (Colon.)
The universe
I can't tell if I'm not me.
Is anything real?
Doesn't feel like it.
Don't you ask me what your sacrifice was for!
It's okay to post here still, right? 115 days? I've just been using my blog lately.

Anyway, god I wanna be a rockstar so bad. I wanna slap a bass infront of millions of people. And I want that to feel like something completely fine, something I have the proper confidence to do. I just wanna get together with my lifelong friends and do music shit, and have people who actually enjoy having it in their lives. I'm gonna do this, man. I'm gonna commit to this instead of bein' like every other kid with a dream. Ugh. I coulda used my blog, but nobody's gonna care.
Every good band has a good brand. Can't spell band without brand. But what is my band? Our brand, our band? Satire? Unusuality? Just somethin' plain' weird? Don't know. Who knows? My ass knows.
Switched from cable company to YouTube TV, and liking it in general, EXCEPT when watching a show on demand and there are ads, they are ~40dB louder than the show. It's SHOCKING every single time. Apparently the CALM Act doesn't apply to streaming services, but I mean... You'd think there would be no benefit to not adopting loudness normalization standards. But here we are.
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